Linwood Cemetery, Dubuque, Iowa.


Kohaus’ hymns began appearing in print around 1890. Her other works include:

  1. As from the Bud the Rose Unfolds
  2. As the Vast Ocean’s Quiet Depths
  3. Children, We Are in God’s Presence
  4. Father Eternal, Life Pure
  5. God Is Good, These Words Recalled Us
  6. God Is My Help in Every Need
  7. God Is Omnipotence Divine
  8. God Is the Goodness of the Good
  9. God Seeks Not Praise from High and Low
  10. Goodness Is Thine Armor
  11. Hear the Word the Lord God Spake
  12. How Can I Nearer Be to God?
  13. I Am Stronger Than My Fears
  14. I Am the Bread of Life
  15. I Am the Way That Leadeth to God
  16. I Love Thy Words, O Spirit
  17. In the Eternal, Now I Dwell
  18. In the Secret of Thy Presence
  19. In the Silence of Spirit
  20. In Thee, O God, We Do Abide
  21. Know Thou the Truth
  22. Let All Thy Thoughts Be Pure and True
  23. Living God, We Feel That Thou
  24. Lo I Am with You Always
  25. Never Man So Spake as Me
  26. O, for Words That Could Express
  27. O God, Thou Dost Mankind Inspire
  28. O Joyous Day, When I Perceived
  29. O Love Divine! Where’er I Am
  30. O Loving Soul, Divine and Pure
  31. O Resurrection Morn
  32. Oft in the Din and Noise
  33. On the Bosom of the Father
  34. On the Outskirts of the City
  35. Our Father Never Faileth
  36. Our Father, Thou Which Art in Heaven
  37. Peace Is Now My Daily Portion
  38. Spirit of God, Move upon the Waters of My Soul
  39. Spirit Omnipotent with Us Abide
  40. Spirit Whose Dwelling Is Infinite Light
  41. Sweet It Is to Lean on God
  42. Truth Is Brightly Gleaming, The
  43. There Is an Upper Chamber
  44. There Is Around Us, Hour By Hour
  45. There Is One Forever with You
  46. Truth Calling Me, Shall I Not Hear?
  47. Truth Hovers O’er Us, Evermore
  48. Truth Is Advancing
  49. Truth Is Victorious
  50. Upon the Gospel’s Mystic Leaves
  51. Upon the Mount of Truth I’ll Stand
  52. Upward and Onward, Ever Aspiring
  53. What Wondrous Land Is This That Now I View
  54. When Hearts Are Full of Love to God
  55. Wild Was the Night, and Cold and Dark