November 7, 1803, Masonville, New York.

August 23, 1834, Packerville, Connecticut.

Packerville Cemetery, Plainfield, Connecticut.

Son of Oliver Kneeland and Betsy Baldwin, Levi came to Christ at age 15. He joined the Baptist church in Masonville, New York, and was licensed to preach at age 20. In 1824, he entered the Hamilton Literary and Theological Institution (now Colgate University), Hamilton, New York, where he studied four years. He was then called to the pastorate of the Baptist church in Packerville, Connecticut, and was ordained there October 8, 1828. Burrage says of him: Earnest, devout, wholly consecrated to his work, he labored for the salvation of souls, and during the six years of his ministry, he baptized more than three hundred congregants.

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