1698, Wareham, Dorsetshire, England.

September 26, 1768, Poole, Dorsetshire, England.

Poole, Dorsetshire, England.


Knapp was the parish clerk at St. John’s Church in Poole for four decades. His works include:

As evidence that intra-congregational sniping is not a new phenomenon, witness the following verse, contributed to the London Magazine by one H. Price in 1742 (the George Savage referred to in the last line was the sexton at Knapp’s church):


From pounce and paper, ink and pen,
Save me, O Lord, I pray;
From Pope and Swift and such-like men,
And Cibber’s annual lay;
From doctors’ bills and lawyers’ fees,
From ague, gout, and trap;
And, what is ten times worse than these,
George Savage and Will Knapp.

  1. Spetisbury
  2. Wareham