September 8, 1873, New York City.

January 11, 1946, Worcester, Massachusetts.


Shepard was the son of Shepard Knapp and Emma Benedict, and grandson of Gardiner Spring, pastor of the Brick Presbyterian Church in New York City.

He attended Columbia College (AB 1894) and Yale Divinity School (BD 1897). He was elected to the American Antiquarian Society in 1909, and New York University awarded him an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree in 1912.

Knapp served at the First Congregational Church, Southington, Connecticut (1897–1901); the Brick Presbyterian Church, New York City (assistant pastor, 1901–08); and the Central Congregational Church, Worcester, Massachusetts (1908–36). Shortly after arriving in Worcester:

…he was called to attend a funeral of a widowed mother. She left two boys, and Mr. Knapp felt so sorry for them he took them home with him that night. They remained, and he educated them and gave them all advantages…Mr. Knapp proudly stated that he was a grandfather, and recited the advantages and joys of this state of being.

Mann, p. 42

He retired in 1936 after 28 years of service, including a year with the Young Men’s Christian Association in France during World War I.

Knapp’s works include:

  1. Dear God, the Sun Whose Light Is Sweet
  2. Lord God of Hosts
  3. Not Only Where God’s Free Winds Blow
  4. Three Days He Lay in Death
  5. Thy People, Lord, of Many Lands and Nations

Knapp’s burial place