Mrs. Joseph F. Knapp

March 9, 1839, New York Ci­ty.

Ju­ly 10, 1908, Po­land Springs, Maine.

Green-Wood Ce­me­te­ry, Brook­lyn, New York.


Phoebe was the daugh­ter of Me­thod­ist ev­ang­el­ists Wal­ter C. Palm­er and Phoe­be Wor­rall Pal­mer. At age 16, she mar­ried Jo­seph Fair­child Knapp, se­cond pre­si­dent of the Me­tro­po­li­tan Life In­sur­ance Com­pa­ny.

They be­longed to the John Street Me­thod­ist Church in New York Ci­ty, as did Phoe­be’s close friend Fan­ny Cros­by.

After her hus­band’s death, Phoe­be was left with a large in­come, much of which she gave to cha­ri­ty. Phoebe had a large pipe or­gan in her apart­ment in the Sa­voy Ho­tel in New York Ci­ty, and wrote over 500 hymn tunes.

  1. Blooming All for Je­sus
  2. Lead Me, Lead Me
  1. Assurance
  2. Cleansing Wave
  3. Come with Re­joic­ing
  4. Everlasting Love
  5. Fátima
  6. Königsberg
  7. LeDroit Park
  8. My All Is on the Al­tar
  9. Nearer the Cross
  10. Open the Gates of the Tem­ple
  11. Portal
  12. Sarajevo
  13. Welcome to Glo­ry