Ju­ly 2, 1724, Qued­lin­burg, Ger­ma­ny.

March 14, 1803, Ham­burg, Ger­ma­ny.

Chris­tians­kirche, Ot­ten­sen, Ger­ma­ny.

Friedrich was the son of Gottlob Heinrich Klopstock, advocate and Commissionsrath at Quedlinburg. From 1739 to 1745, he attended the school at Schulpforte, near Naumburg (where he conceived the first idea for his Messias). He entered the Un­i­ver­si­ty of Jena in the autumn of 1742 as a theology student, and the Un­i­ver­si­ty of Leipzig at Easter, 1746. At Leipzig he met J. A. Cramer and became one of the contributors to the Bremer Beiträge, in which the first three books of his Messias appeared. In 1748, he became a tutor in the house of a merchant named Weiss at Langensalza, and in 1750, he accepted an invitation to visit Zürich, Switzerland, where his Messias had been enthusiastically received. In 1751, the Danish prime minister, Count von Bernstoff, invited him to take up residence at the Court of King Frederick V in Copenhagen, so he could finish the Messias without the distraction of having to earn a living. In 1771, Klopstock retired to Hamburg, where he lived the rest of his life, except for a year in Karlsruhe, at the court of the Margrave Karl Friedrich of Baden, who appointed him Hofrath. Klopstock’s works in­clude:

  1. Ach wie hat mein Herz gerungen
  2. Auferstehn, ja auferstehn, wirst du
  3. Deine heilige Geburt
    • Savior! by Thy Holy Birth
  4. Du wollst erhören Gott, ihr Flehn
    • We’re Thine, O God, Forevermore
  5. Herr, du wollst sie volbereiten
  6. Nicht nur streiten, überwinden
    • Labor Ever, Late and Early
  7. Zeige dich uns ohne Hülle
  8. Selig sind des Himmels Erben
    • Blessed Are the Heirs of Heaven
  9. Stärke, die zu dieser Zeit
    • Strengthen, Lord, the Weary Soul
  10. Um Erden wandel Monde
    • Moons Round Their Planets Roll
    • Round Their Planets Roll the Moons
  11. Wenn ich einst von jenem Schlummer
    • Father, Let No Day Come
    • Since I One Day from Yonder Sleeping
    • When I Rise Again to Life
    • When I Wake from Out That Slumber
  12. Zitternd freuich mich
    • I Joy, but Tremblingly
    • Trembling I Rejoice
    • With Trembling I Rejoice