Ju­ly 2, 1724, Qued­lin­burg, Ger­ma­ny.

March 14, 1803, Ham­burg, Ger­ma­ny.

Chris­tians­kirche, Ot­ten­sen, Ger­ma­ny.

Friedrich was the son of Gott­lob Hein­rich Klop­stock, ad­vo­cate and Com­mis­sions­rath at Qued­lin­burg.

From 1739–45, he at­tend­ed the school at Schul­pforte, near Naum­burg (where he con­ceived the first idea for his Mes­si­as).

He en­tered the Un­i­ver­si­ty of Je­na in the au­tumn of 1742 as a the­o­lo­gy stu­dent, and the Un­i­ver­si­ty of Leip­zig at East­er, 1746. At Leip­zig he met J. A. Cra­mer and be­came one of the con­trib­u­tors to the Bre­mer Bei­träge, in which the first three books of his Mes­si­as ap­peared.

In 1748, he be­came a tu­tor in the house of a mer­chant named Weiss at Lan­gen­sal­za. In 1750, he ac­cept­ed an in­vi­ta­tion to visit Zür­ich, Swit­zer­land, where his Mes­si­as had been en­thu­si­as­tic­al­ly re­ceived.

In 1751, the Da­nish prime min­is­ter, Count von Bern­stoff, in­vit­ed him to take up re­si­dence at the Court of King Fred­eri­ck V in Co­pen­ha­gen, so he could fin­ish the Mes­si­as with­out the dis­tract­ion of hav­ing to earn a liv­ing.

In 1771, Klop­stock re­tired to Ham­burg, where he lived the rest of his life, ex­cept for a year in Karls­ruhe, at the court of the Mar­grave Karl Fried­rich of Ba­den, who ap­point­ed him Hof­rath.

Klopstock’s works in­clude:

  1. Ach wie hat mein Herz ge­rung­en
  2. Auferstehn, ja auf­er­stehn, wirst du
  3. Deine heilige Geburt
    • Savior! by Thy Ho­ly Birth
  4. Du wollst er­hör­en Gott, ihr Flehn
    • We’re Thine, O God, For­ev­er­more
  5. Herr, du wollst sie vol­be­reit­en
  6. Nicht nur streiten, überwinden
    • Labor Ev­er, Late and Ear­ly
  7. Zeige dich uns ohne Hülle
  8. Selig sind des Him­mels Erb­en
    • Blessed Are the Heirs of Hea­ven
  9. Stärke, die zu dieser Zeit
    • Strengthen, Lord, the Wea­ry Soul
  10. Um Erd­en wand­el Monde
    • Moons Round Their Pla­nets Roll
    • Round Their Pla­nets Roll the Moons
  11. Wenn ich einst von je­nem Schlum­mer
    • Father, Let No Day Come
    • Since I One Day from Yon­der Sleep­ing
    • When I Rise Again to Life
    • When I Wake from Out That Slum­ber
  12. Zitternd freuich mich
    • I Joy, but Trem­bling­ly
    • Trembling I Re­joice
    • With Trem­bling I Re­joice