February 27, 1838, Duncannon, Pennsylvania.

September 20, 1921, Germantown, Pennsylvania.

West Laurel Hill Cemetery, Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania.

Annie F. Bourne.


Son of a school teacher and musician, Kirkpatrick grew up in a musical atmosphere. In 1854, he went to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to study music and learn a trade; he spent over three years as a carpenter. But he was more interested in music than mechanics, devoting all his leisure time to its study. His ambition at the time was to become a violinist.

In 1855, Kirkpatrick joined the Wharton Street Methodist Episcopal Church in Philadelphia, and from then on devoted himself mostly to sacred music, giving his services to the choir and Sunday school. As there were few church organs in that day, his violin and cello were in constant demand for choir rehearsals, singing societies, and church programs. During this time he wrote a number of unpublished hymn tunes and anthems.

Kirkpatrick studied vocal music under Professor T. Bishop, then a leading oratorio and ballad singer. He became a member of the Harmonia and Handel and Haydn Sacred Music Societies, where he heard the greatest singers of the day and became familiar with the principal choral works of the great composers. Kirkpatrick’s first published composition was When the Spark of Life Is Waning, which appeared around 1858 in the Musical Pioneer in New York. He went on to publish about 50 hymn collections, including:

  1. Wilt Thou Be Made Whole?
  1. All over the World
  2. Alone with God
  3. Anaheim
  4. Annetta
  5. Are You Coming to the Feast?
  6. At the Mercy Seat
  7. Beautiful Hills of Rest
  8. Beautiful Robes
  9. Beautiful Sabbath
  10. Becontree
  11. Bells of Eternity, The
  12. Beneath His Sheltering Wings
  13. Blackfriars
  14. Blessed Be the Name
  15. Blessèd Old Story of Love
  16. Blessing in Prayer, A
  17. Braintree
  18. Buda
  19. Buried with Christ
  20. By Grace I Will
  21. Calling for You
  22. Calvary’s Stream Is Flowing
  23. City Beyond, The
  24. Close to Thy Cross, O Christ
  25. Come, for All Things Are Ready
  26. Come, Lord, and Let Thy Pow’r
  27. Comforter Has Come, The
  28. Cozumel
  29. Cradle Song
  30. Crispus
  31. Darmstadt
  32. Dear Jesus, Canst Thou Help Me?
  33. Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd
  34. Deeper Yet
  35. Every Word I Believe
  36. Famous Eagle
  37. Farmington
  38. Father All Holy
  39. Freedom in Jesus
  40. Friesen
  41. Gathering Out of Tears
  42. Gibraltar
  43. Giggleswick
  44. Give Me Thy Heart
  45. Glory in My Soul
  46. Glory to God, Hallelujah
  47. Go, Study the Bible
  48. God So Loved the World
  49. God’s Word
  50. Golden Bells, The
  51. Greenwell
  52. Hainault
  53. Hallelujah! Amen!
  54. Happy Crowning Day, The
  55. Hear and Answer Prayer
  56. He Came to Save Me
  57. He Died for Thee
  58. He Hideth My Soul
  59. He Is All in All to Me
  60. Healing at the Fountain
  61. Healing Touch, The
  62. He’ll Come and Tarry Not
  63. His Blood
  64. His Grace Aboundeth More
  65. Home at Last
  66. Hounslow
  67. I Shall Be No Stranger There
  68. I’ll Bear It, Lord, for Thee
  69. In Bethany
  70. In the Book Which Thou Art Keeping
  71. In the Twinkling of an Eye
  72. Indianapolis
  73. Jacksonville
  74. Jesus Comes
  75. Jesus Only
  76. Jesus Understands!
  77. Jesus Will Listen to Me
  78. Just a Little Sunshine
  79. Kansas City
  80. Keep in the Line
  81. Keep Me Ever Close to Thee
  82. Kirkpatrick
  83. Lake Mead
  84. Landås
  85. Lead Me to Calvary
  86. Let the Light Stream In
  87. Let Us Sing of His Love
  88. Like an Army We Are Marching
  89. Like as a Father
  90. Lilliard
  91. Listen to the Blessèd Invitation
  92. Lo! the Golden Fields Are Smiling
  93. Lord, I’m Coming Home
  94. Made Whole
  95. Maui
  96. Meet in the Morning
  97. Meet Me There
  98. Mercy Is Boundless and Free
  99. Minnewaska
  100. Moline
  101. Music and Love
  102. My Heart’s Dear Home
  103. My Light and Song
  104. My Savior Face to Face
  105. No King but Christ
  106. O to Abide in Jesus
  107. O to Be Like Thee!
  108. Oh, for a Heart Whiter Than Snow
  109. Old Fountain, The
  110. On the Cross of Calvary
  111. Only His Love
  112. Open Bible for the World, An
  113. Orlando
  114. Praise Jehovah
  115. Praise Ye the Lord
  116. Promise Way, The
  117. Raleigh
  118. Redeemed
  119. River of Life, The
  120. Royal Fountain, The
  121. Salvation
  122. Sands
  123. Saved to the Uttermost
  124. Saxony
  125. Sing, My Soul!
  126. Sing unto God
  127. Singing I Go
  128. Sometime
  129. Speeding Onward
  130. Stepping in the Light
  131. Still Out of Christ
  132. Take the Life-Boat
  133. Tell It Over Again
  134. Ten Thousand Thanks to Jesus
  135. There’s a Blessing for Me
  136. Thy Holy Spirit, Lord, Alone
  137. ’Tis Burning in My Soul
  138. ’Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus
  139. Triumphs of Faith, The
  140. True Shepherd, The
  141. Turn a New Leaf for Me
  142. ’Twill All Be Right at Last
  143. Under the Blood
  144. Very Friend I Need, The
  145. Very Same Jesus, The
  146. Wait, and Murmur Not
  147. Washed in the Blood of My Redeemer
  148. Watch and Pray
  149. Watchman, Blow the Gospel Trumpet
  150. We Have an Anchor
  151. We Walk by Faith
  152. Welcome for Me
  153. What Will It Matter?
  154. When Love Shines In
  155. When the Bridegroom Comes
  156. When the Curtains Are Lifted
  157. Wingate
  158. Wonderful Redeemer
  159. You May Have the Joy-Bells