1845 - Circa 1917

April 11, 1845, Perry County, Pennsylvania.

Circa 1917, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Salathial was the son of Solomon Kirk and Margaret Williams. In 1878, he was elected to the Pennsylvania state legislature. As of 1893, he was a court clerk. His works include:

  1. Acorn Hung upon a Tree, An
  2. All Alone, O Yes, to the Outward Eye
  3. Around the Walls of Jericho
  4. Band of Happy Children, We Come to You Today, A
  5. Beautiful Flowers in Bright Array
  6. Breezes Soft and Balmy
  7. Brighter Than the Stars Above
  8. Call the Roll for Work
  9. Can We See the Flowers Grow
  10. Cause of Christ Is Marching Now, The
  11. Chase the Ugly Frown Away
  12. Chautauqua Hymn
  13. Christmas Star Is Beaming, The
  14. Clouds Will Hide the Brightest, The
  15. Clover White and Clover Red
  16. Conqueror, The
  17. Death’s Kingdom Is Vanquished
  18. Do It Now
  19. Every Little Step I Take
  20. Exalt the King
  21. Falling, Falling, Softly Falling
  22. Field of Daisies, White As Snow
  23. From Earth to Sky
  24. God Made This World a Place
  25. Hallelujah to the Lord, O His Holy Name
  26. Happy, Happy Morning
  27. He Left a Royal Throne
  28. Hear the Rippling, Joyous Strains
  29. Hearken, Hearken, Happy Greeting
  30. How the Little Clover Grows
  31. I Am Glad That So Well
  32. If We Could Array Them
  33. I’m Drinking at the Gospel Wells
  34. I’m Looking Beyond to the City of Light
  35. In Land or Store I May Be Poor
  36. King Jesus’ Banner Hoist Today
  37. King of the Ivory Palace
  38. Little Bird Where’er It Rests, The
  39. Little Seed at Random Cast, A
  40. Little Seed One Evening Fell, A
  41. Little Stream in the East, A
  42. Living with Jesus Walking
  43. Long Roll Call Is Sounding, The
  44. Lord Hath Declared, The
  45. Man Was Not Made to Mourn
  46. Manger-Babe, The
  47. Master Is Calling in Some Way to All, The
  48. No Days Like the Days
  49. O Hear the Call, the Royal Call
  50. O How Sweet the Morning Air
  51. O the Beautiful Flag
  52. O Thou Lamb of Calvary
  53. O We Never, Never Weary
  54. O What a Happy Chorus
  55. O Would I Think My Blessings
  56. O Ye Heralds, Take Good Courage
  57. Our Best
  58. Over the Soul in the Tempest of Life
  59. She Hath Done What She Could
  60. Silver Notes Are Ringing, The
  61. So Strange It Seemed
  62. Song of Praise, A
  63. Stars That Shine from Yonder Height, The
  64. Step Over the Line
  65. Sunbeams Glow, The
  66. Sunbeams, Sunbeams Shining
  67. Sweet Are the Flowers, but Sweeter the Love
  68. Ten Thousand Bright Celestial Lights
  69. Thou Didst Think of Me
  70. Through the Meadow, Round the Hill
  71. ’Tis in Jesus’ Name We Gather
  72. ’Tis Thanksgiving Morn Again!
  73. True Wisdom
  74. Viewed Only by the Feeble Rays
  75. We Greet You All
  76. We Hail Thee King
  77. We Will Hold Aloft
  78. What Shall We Gather
  79. When Far Astray
  80. When the Bright Summer Days
  81. When the Clouds of Grief and Sorrow
  82. When the Lord Shall Sit on His Throne Above
  83. Whither Go the Beams of Light
  84. Works and Ways of God on High, The