June 18, 1854, Flushing, Ohio.

June 10, 1945, Flushing, Ohio.

Flushing City Cemetery, Flushing, Ohio.


Raised a Methodist, Kirk became associated with the Christian and Missionary Alliance (CAMA) in 1887. He organized the CAMA’s Gospel Mission in Flushing, Ohio, in 1907, and as part of the Ohio Quartet, sang at CAMA conventions and gatherings.

  1. I Hear My Savior Saying
  2. I Read the Sweet Story Again and Again
  3. I’m Never Lonely Any More
  4. Jesus Heals Today
  5. O Wonderful Story of Mercy and Love
  6. Our Lord, Whom We’ve Not Seen
  7. Our Lord’s Return to Earth Again
  8. Under Thy Wings, My God
  1. Blessed Quietness
  2. Ye Shall Be My Witnesses
  3. Yielded to God

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