Eel River Cemetery, Dunn Mill, Indiana.

John was the husband of Emily Z. Kinsey. At one time he was a college music director (probably in Ohio); some records refer to him as Professor Kinsey. He moved from Ohio to Lafayette, Indiana, around 1885.

Kinsey retired from the Echo Music Company around 1903, at which time he was living in Chicago, Illinois. He turned the company over to his son Carl, and opened a music store in Fort Wayne, Indiana. However, that venture was short lived, and he soon closed it due to failing health. Kinsey’s works include:

  1. Onward, Christian, Onward Go
  1. Echoes of Glory
  2. Huatulco
  3. Merry Christmas
  4. Pearls and Diamonds
  5. Pitcairn
  6. Rejoice, the King Is Risen