June 12, 1819, Holne Vicarage, Devonshire, England.

January 23, 1875, Eversley, Hampshire, England.

St. Mary’s churchyard, Eversley, Hampshire, England.

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Kingsley entered Magdalene College, Cambridge, in 1838, and graduated as first class in classics, and senior optime. He was subsequently Rector of Eversley (1844–75), private chaplain to Queen Victoria (1859), Professor of History at Cambridge University (1860–69), Canon of Chester (1869–73) and Canon of Westminster (1873–75). He wrote numerous prose works and poems; the latter were not intended as hymns, but some have come into use as such. His works include:

  1. Accept This Building, Gracious Lord
  2. Day of the Lord Is at Hand, The
  3. My Fairest Child, I Have No Song to Give You
  4. Who Will Say the World Is Dying?