June 12, 1819, Holne Vicarage, Devonshire, England.

January 23, 1875, Eversley, Hampshire, England.

St. Mary’s churchyard, Eversley, Hampshire, England.

Charles Kingsley (1819-1875)
© National Portrait Gallery

Kingsley entered Magdalene College, Cambridge, in 1838, and graduated as first class in classics, and senior optime. He was subsequently Rector of Eversley (1844-75), private chaplain to Queen Victoria (1859), Professor of History at Cambridge University (1860-69), Canon of Chester (1869-73) and Canon of Westminster (1873-75). He wrote numerous prose works and poems; the latter were not intended as hymns, but some have come into use as such. His works include:

  1. Accept This Building, Gracious Lord
  2. Day of the Lord Is at Hand, The
  3. My Fairest Child, I Have No Song to Give You
  4. Who Will Say the World Is Dying?