February 3, 1842, New York.

September 28, 1878, Amherst, Massachusetts.

Trinity Church Cemetery and Mausoleum, New York City.

Howard was the son of Oliver Richmond Kingsbury and Susan Patterson, and husband of Sophie Howard Thayer. He graduated from Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, in 1863. He served as pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church, Newark, Ohio, and afterward the Village Church in Amherst, Massachusetts (December 1877).

  1. Come, Let Us All Unite and Sing
  2. I Have a Home Not Made with Hands
  3. Jesus Came, Jesus Came
  4. Lo Wide o’er the Earth
  5. O Holy, Holy Father
  6. O for the Robes of Whiteness
  7. Once Was Heard the Songs of Children
  8. Silent Night, Hallowed Night
  9. Sowing and Reaping
  10. There Is Joy in the Beautiful Land
  1. God Is Love
  2. Growing Together, Wheat and Tares
  3. Looking to Jesus!
  4. New Year’s Hymn
  5. O Jesus, Thou Art Standing
  6. Sow Ye Beside All Waters
  7. Sea Is Wildly Tossing, The

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