Late 19th Century
Forget Not Me, 1888

We have lit­tle data on King, whose po­etry be­gan ap­pear­ing by the 1880s. King was her maid­en name.

  1. All Glory to Jesus
  2. Alone with Jesus, I Would Be
  3. Anywhere with Jesus I Know
  4. Away from Our Father’s King­dom
  5. Be Not Weary in Well Do­ing
  6. Beyond the Western Hills
  7. Bring We the Blossoms of Spring­time
  8. Carry Thy Burden to Jesus
  9. Cling to Jesus, Weary Pil­grim
  10. Father, Thou Wilt Guide Us
  11. Go, Thou, and Tell the Err­ing
  12. He Is Coming, Shout the Tid­ings
  13. He Is My Rock, My Haven of Rest
  14. He Is the True Shepherd Who Lead­eth
  15. Hold Up the Light, My Bro­ther
  16. Hosanna to the Sav­ior
  17. I Am Longing for Home in That Land of the Blest
  18. I Have Watched the Ten­der Ha­lo
  19. I Love the Songs My Mo­ther Sang
  20. I Would Love Thee, My Re­deem­er
  21. I Would Not Leave the Path
  22. In a Bright Home Re­splen­dent with Beau­ty
  23. In That City Over Yon­der
  24. In the Precious Word of Life
  25. In the Swelling of the Jor­dan
  26. I’ve Heard of a Beau­ti­ful Place
  27. Jesus Is Coming to Earth Again
  28. Lead Me, Jesus, Bless­ed Je­sus
  29. Lead Me Jesus, Bless­ed Sav­ior
  30. Lead Me, O My Heav­en­ly Fa­ther
  31. Let Us Ever Work for Je­sus
  32. Life at Best Is Not All Sun­shine
  33. Life with All Its Count­less Bless­ings
  34. Nearer the End of Life’s Jour­ney
  35. Neath the Cross of Je­sus
  36. No Other Now but Je­sus
  37. O Galilee, Sweet Gal­i­lee
  38. O the Bells of Heaven Are Ring­ing
  39. Oft the Precious Gold­en Pro­mise
  40. Only a Word, Fit­ly Spo­ken
  41. Out from Life’s Sha­dows and Gloom
  42. Some Day Our Jour­ney Will Be Done
  43. Sweet Is My Song and Sweet­er Still
  44. There Is Joy Among the Angels
  45. There Will Be No Night in Hea­ven
  46. There’s Cleansing in the Sav­ior’s Blood
  47. They Tell Me of a City
  48. This Life Is One of La­bor
  49. Though Oft the Way Seems Rough and Long
  50. Though Storm Clouds May Beat About Us Here
  51. Though the Way at Times
  52. To Those Who Dwell ’Neath the Sha­dows
  53. To Whom Shall I Go, Bless­ed Lord?
  54. Under the Olive Tree Deep in the Gar­den
  55. We Are Sowers and Our Sow­ing
  56. We Come with Songs of Glad­ness
  57. We Thank Thee, Bless­ed Sav­ior
  58. We Would Look to Thee
  59. We’ll Gather Beau­ti­ful Lil­ies
  60. We’re a Band of Lit­tle Sol­diers
  61. What Have I Done for the Sav­ior?
  62. What Shall We Do for the Mas­ter?
  63. When After All Our Work Is Done
  64. When I Behold the Rug­ged Cross
  65. When Life’s Sum­mer Time Is End­ed
  66. When My Earthly Life Is End­ed
  67. When Shall Life’s Day Be End­ed?
  68. When Sun­shine Lin­gers o’er My Path
  69. When the Day of Life Is End­ed
  70. When the Modest Violets Bloom
  71. When the Morn with Rosy Fin­ger
  72. When the Pale Glow of Sun­set Dies
  73. When the Scenes of Life
  74. When the Soul Lives in the Beau­ty
  75. When We Walk Amid the Sha­dows