Early 20th Century
  1. At the Cross of Jesus There
  2. At the Dawning of the Morning
  3. At Thy Feet Repentant Kneeling
  4. Beyond Life’s Sorrows
  5. Blood of Christ Is Flowing, The
  6. By and By, Life’s Trials
  7. By the Cradle Slowly Rocking
  8. Closer to Thee, My Soul
  9. Come Holy Spirit from Above
  10. Come to Jesus Today, Come
  11. Come unto Christ, O Come
  12. Days Are Swiftly Going By, The
  13. Drifting upon a Boundless Sea
  14. Far Beyond the Sea of Time
  15. Far from the Father, O, Prodigal Son
  16. Far from the Mansions of Heaven
  17. Fellow Pilgrim on Life’s Voyage
  18. Glorious Hope That Cheers Me Ever
  19. Hark, the Battle Cry Is Sounding
  20. Hear the Savior Sweetly Calling
  21. I Am a Sinner Saved by Grace
  22. I Have a House Not Made with Hands
  23. I Have Found the Blessed Savior
  24. I Have Passed Through Many
  25. I Hear That Pleading Voice Again
  26. I Know Thy Love So Tender
  27. I Shall Dwell Some Day
  28. I’m a Wanderer from Home
  29. I’m on My Homeward Journey Bound
  30. In a Land of Glory Bright
  31. In My Dreams Again I See
  32. In Paths of Sin I Long Have Trod
  33. In Paths of Sin Too Long
  34. In the Early Morning Hours
  35. In the Kingdom of Our Savior
  36. In the Savior’s Love Abiding
  37. In Thy Blood, O Precious Savior
  38. In Thy Strength, O Lord
  39. Is Your Heart Full of Love?
  40. I’ve Groped Long in Darkness
  41. I’ve Listened to the Voice of Spring
  42. Jesus Loves Us Little Children
  43. Jesus, My Savior, Thou Art More
  44. Jesus, Thy Love and Thy Pardon
  45. Lead Thou Me
  46. Light Is Wanting in the West, The
  47. Keep Marching On
  48. Meet Me on the Other Shore
  49. My Soul Would Trust Alone in Thee
  50. No Night in Heaven
  51. O Hear the Voice of Christ Today
  52. O Lamb of God for Sinners Slain
  53. O Life’s Pleasures Are Declining
  54. O My Sorrows They Are Many
  55. O Rock of Ages, Let Me Hide Within Thy Cleft
  56. O Sing the Old Time Songs Again
  57. O the Savior Now Is Calling
  58. O They Tell Me of an Unclouded Day
  59. O Watch the Rising of the Tide
  60. O’er the Eastern Hilltops Breaking
  61. On Thy Promises I Stand
  62. Over the Desert, over the Mountain
  63. Pass Me Not, O Christ, My Savior
  64. Sailor on Life’s Stormy Ocean
  65. Savior, I Am Coming Home
  66. Savior Is Waiting Now, The
  67. Sinner, Come and Trust in Him
  68. Sinner, Heed the Voice of Mercy
  69. Stormy Sea, The
  70. Streams of Salvation Are Flowing
  71. Swift the Days Are Passing
  72. There Is a Gate That Opens
  73. There Is a Home Beyond Death’s Sea
  74. There Is a Land of Brightest Day
  75. There Is a Race Set for the Soul
  76. There Is No Death, Though Fades the Light
  77. There Is Pardon and Peace
  78. There’s a Home That My Savior for Me Has Prepared
  79. There’s a Home That the Righteous
  80. This Holy Sabbath Day, O Lord
  81. Thou Art, O Lord, My Help and Stay
  82. Thou Pilgrim on Life’s Journey
  83. Though Hard the Battle to Be Fought
  84. Though Shadows Fall Along the Way
  85. Though Troubles Oft Sweep o’er My Soul
  86. Thy Holy Word, True and Divine
  87. To the Savior of Sinners
  88. Traveling Pilgrim Far, A
  89. Unto Jesus O Come Ere
  90. Unto the Savior of Sinners
  91. Up to My Heavenly Mansion Above
  92. Wanderer I Long Have Been, A
  93. We’re Marching to a Better Land
  94. When Guilt and Fear My Soul Oppressed
  95. When the Heart Is Filled
  96. When Tossed About by Wind and Tide
  97. While I Journey Here Below
  98. While o’er Life’s Desert Waste I Roam