August 1, 1840, near Miami, Missouri.

November 30, 1904, at his home in Dayton, Virginia.

Dayton Cemetery, Dayton, Virginia.


Kieffer was the son of John Kieffer and Mary Funk (daughter of Virginia musician Joseph Funk), and husband of Elizabeth Josephine Hamman.

In the American civil war, Kieffer served in the 10th Virginia Volunteer Infantry. He was one of the founders of the Kieffer-Ruebush Gospel music publisher in Dayton, Virginia, and edited the Musical Million magazine. His works include:

  1. Art Thou with Life’s Burden Weary?
  2. Band of Happy Children, A
  3. Beyond the Dark Valley
  4. Bless the Lord, O My Soul
  5. Day Star of Israel
  6. Dust to Dust with Ashes Lay
  7. Earthly Cares Will Soon Be Ended
  8. Far Beyond Life’s Gloomy Portal
  9. Gentle Spring Is Here Again
  10. Go Forth in the Highway
  11. Golden City Bright
  12. Happy Christmas Bells Are Ringing
  13. Hear Me, Savior, While I Pray
  14. Holy, Happy Angels, Guard the Christian’s Way
  15. Home of the Blest, Sweet Visions of Love
  16. How Fair Must Be That Heavenly Home
  17. How Sweet Will Be the Welcome Home
  18. How We Love These Hours of Singing
  19. I Am Bound for That Place of Bright Glory Above
  20. I Have a Home Above the Starry Skies
  21. I Have Had Sweet Dreams of a Better Land
  22. I Long for That Sweet Rest
  23. I Love the Blessed Savior
  24. I Love to Think of That Happy Land
  25. I’ll Sing to My Savior’s Praise
  26. I’m a Lonely Pilgrim Here
  27. In That Dread and Awful Day
  28. In the City of God
  29. Is Thy Pathway Dark and Dreary?
  30. Is Thy Young Heart, O Happy Child
  31. Jesus Sat By the Well
  32. Keeping Working, ’Tis Wiser Than Sitting Aside
  33. Jesus Will Let You In
  34. Little Child Who Loves to Pray, A
  35. Lonely in the Desert
  36. Nearer, Yet Nearer, My God, to Thee
  37. Now the Sabbath Morning Dawns
  38. O Father, Come Kiss Me Once More
  39. O That Land of Delight
  40. O the Night of Time Soon Shall Pass Away
  41. O When Shall I Dwell in My Father’s Bright Home?
  42. Oft in the Midnight’s Stilly Hour
  43. Pilgrims in This Land of Sorrow
  44. Ready When the Dawning Comes
  45. Rejoice, and Be Glad
  46. Resurrection, The
  47. Safely We’ll Dwell in Yon Blest Land
  48. Savior, Tender Shepherd, Hear Me
  49. Say, Are You Ready?
  50. See Sodom Wrapped in Fire
  51. Seek a Refuge Now, Ere the Day Is Gone
  52. Shout for Gladness, Sons of Zion
  53. Tarry with Me, Savior
  54. Tenderly Lay Her to Rest
  55. The Lord, My Refuge Is
  56. The World Looks Very Pretty
  57. There Are Mansions of Love in That Land Far Above
  58. There Is a Land on Whose Fair Shore
  59. There’s a Beautiful Land Beyond Death’s Rolling River
  60. There’s a Beautiful Land of Light
  61. There’s a City of Light, Mid the Stars We Are Told
  62. There’s a City Whose Builder and Maker Is God
  63. There’s a Land of Light and Love Far Away
  64. There’s a Little Grave on the Green Hillside
  65. To the Woods, to the Woods
  66. Twilight Is Falling
  67. Twilight Is Stealing
  68. We Shall Gather Home at Last
  69. We Speak of the Realms of the Blest
  70. We’re a Band of Little Pilgrim Strangers
  71. We’re a Little Pilgrim Band
  72. When Christ Shall Come to Earth Again
  73. When Life’s Day Is Over
  74. While the Sweet Sabbath Morning Is Gilding the Hills
  75. Whom Have I in Heaven but Thee?
  76. Widow Sat Watching Her Fair-Haired Boy, A
  1. Ashgabat