Au­gust 1, 1840, near Mi­a­mi, Mis­sou­ri.

No­vem­ber 30, 1904, at his home in Da­yton, Vir­gin­ia.

Day­ton Ce­me­te­ry, Day­ton, Vir­gin­ia.


Al­dine was the son of John Kief­fer and Ma­ry Funk (daugh­ter of Vir­gin­ia mu­si­cian Jo­seph Funk), and hus­band of Eliz­a­beth Jo­se­phine Ham­man.

Dur­ing the Am­er­i­can civil war, he served in the 10th Vir­gin­ia Vol­un­teer In­fan­try.

He was one of the found­ers of the Kief­fer-Rue­bush Gos­pel mu­sic pub­lish­er in Day­ton, Vir­ginia, and ed­it­ed the Mu­sic­al Mil­lion and Fire­side Friend per­i­od­i­cals. His works in­clude:

  1. Art Thou with Life’s Bur­den Wea­ry?
  2. Band of Hap­py Child­ren, A
  3. Beyond the Dark Val­ley
  4. Bless the Lord, O My Soul
  5. Christ Shall Come to Earth Again
  6. Christmas Bells
  7. City of Light, The
  8. Clefted Side, The
  9. Day Star of Is­ra­el
  10. Dust to Dust with Ash­es Lay
  11. Earthly Cares Will Soon Be Ended
  12. Far Be­yond Life’s Gloomy Por­tal
  13. Gentle Spring Is Here Again
  14. Go Forth in the High­way
  15. Golden Ci­ty Bright
  16. Hear Me, Sav­ior, While I Pray
  17. Holy, Hap­py An­gels
  18. Home of the Blest, Sweet Vi­sions of Love
  19. How Fair Must Be That Hea­ven­ly Home
  20. How Sweet Will Be the Wel­come Home
  21. How We Love These Hours of Singing
  22. I Am Bound for That Place of Bright Glo­ry Above
  23. I Have a Home Above the Star­ry Skies
  24. I Have Had Sweet Dreams of a Bet­ter Land
  25. I Long for That Sweet Rest
  26. I Love the Bless­ed Sav­ior
  27. I Love to Think of That Hap­py Land
  28. I’ll Sing to My Sav­ior’s Praise
  29. I’m a Lone­ly Pil­grim Here
  30. In the City of God
  31. Is Thy Path­way Dark and Dreary?
  32. Is Thy Young Heart, O Hap­py Child
  33. Jesus Sat By the Well
  34. Keeping Work­ing, ’Tis Wis­er Than Sit­ting Aside
  35. Jesus Will Let You In
  36. Little Child Who Loves to Pray, A
  37. Lonely in the De­sert
  38. Nearer, Yet Near­er, My God, to Thee
  39. Now the Sab­bath Morn­ing Dawns
  40. O Fa­ther, Come Kiss Me Once More
  41. O That Land of De­light
  42. O the Night of Time Soon Shall Pass Away
  43. O When Shall I Dwell in My Fa­ther’s Bright Home?
  44. Oft in the Mid­night’s Stilly Hour
  45. Pilgrims in This Land of Sor­row
  46. Ready When the Dawn­ing Comes
  47. Rejoice, and Be Glad
  48. Resurrection, The
  49. Safely We’ll Dwell in Yon Blest Land
  50. Savior, Ten­der Shep­herd, Hear Me
  51. Say, Are You Rea­dy?
  52. See So­dom Wrapped in Fire
  53. Seek a Re­fuge Now, Ere the Day Is Gone
  54. Shout for Glad­ness, Sons of Zi­on
  55. Tarry with Me, Sav­ior
  56. Tenderly Lay Her to Rest
  57. The Lord, My Re­fuge Is
  58. The World Looks Ve­ry Pret­ty
  59. There Are Man­sions of Love
  60. There Is a Land on Whose Fair Shore
  61. There’s a Beau­ti­ful Land Be­yond Death’s Roll­ing River
  62. There’s a Beau­ti­ful Land of Light
  63. There’s a Ci­ty Whose Build­er and Mak­er Is God
  64. There’s a Land of Light and Love Far Away
  65. There’s a Lit­tle Grave on the Green Hill­side
  66. To the Woods
  67. Twilight Is Fall­ing
    • Twilight Is Steal­ing
  68. We Shall Ga­ther Home at Last
  69. We Speak of the Realms of the Blest
  70. We’re a Band of Lit­tle Pil­grim Stran­gers
  71. We’re a Lit­tle Pil­grim Band
  72. When Life’s Day Is Over
  73. While the Sweet Sab­bath Morning Is Gild­ing the Hills
  74. Whom Have I in Hea­ven but Thee?
  75. Widow Sat Watch­ing Her Fair-Haired Boy, A
  1. Ashgabat
  2. Turku