March 16, 1820, Boston, Massachusetts.

November 25, 1905, Chelsea, Massachusetts.

Woodlawn Cemetery, Everett, Massachusetts.

Mary was the daughter of Daniel Freeman Pepper and Betsey Burke. She was blinded as a teenager, but fortunately for hymn lovers, had her sight restored after a few years. She belonged to the Methodist Episcopal Church, and lived 46 years in New York City.

  1. Above the Waves of Earthly Strife
  2. Am I a Lover of the Lord?
  3. Angels Are Coming upon Their Sweet Mission, The
  4. Are You Weary, Heavy Laden?
  5. Be Kind to Thy Pastor
  6. Bear the News to Every Nation
  7. Beautiful Eden, Refuge of Peace
  8. Beautiful Spirit of Faith
  9. Before I Strive to Save Poor Souls
  10. Bethlehem Star, Sweet Gem of Light
  11. Blessed Lord, Thy Invitation
  12. Blow, Ye Golden Trumpets, Blow
  13. Brethren, Let Us Work for Jesus
  14. Bright Is the Joy of the Girl or Boy
  15. Cherish Kindly Feelings, Children
  16. Children, Blest with Every Comfort
  17. Christ Is Born Today
  18. Come, Come, Come to the Fount
  19. Come Each with Happy Heart
  20. Courage, Courage, Brothers, Courage
  21. Crowned with Light in a Home of Glory
  22. Dark Is My Sky
  23. Dewy, Dewy Rose of Sharon, The
  24. Did You Think to Pray?
  25. Don’t Be Idle, Little Children
  26. Don’t Forget to Do Good
  27. Don’t Forget to Read the Bible
  28. Every Day I Am Nearer Canaan’s Shore
  29. Far Away Beyond the Shadows
  30. Fear Not, Little Flock, Says the Savior
  31. For Many Years We’ve Waited
  32. Forward Shall Be Our Watchword
  33. Gather Them into the Fold
  34. Go to Sunday School, Children
  35. Good News and Glad Tidings
  36. Hail, Hail, Hail, Hail, Blessed Sabbath
  37. Hail to This Our Festal Greeting
  38. Happy and Gay, I Will Hasten Away
  39. Happy, Happy Festal Day
  40. Hark, and Hear Them Singing
  41. Have You Paid, or Care, or Sorrow
  42. Heavenly Land, Beautiful Land
  43. Holy and Bright in the Sweet Sunlight
  44. How I Long to Be There, Where My Spirit
  45. How Sweet ’Tis to Think
  46. How Sweet Will Be the Welcome Home
  47. I Am Bought Not with Riches
  48. I Dreamed a Dream of Heaven
  49. I Have a Home upon the Earth
  50. I Hear Not a Footstep
  51. I Look in Vain for Light
  52. I Met a Poor Wanderer Today
  53. I’ll Labor for the Savior
  54. In the Church of the Lord
  55. In the Highways, or the Hedges
  56. Is It Well with Your Soul Today, Brother?
  57. Is My Name Written There?
  58. It Should Ever Be Our Rule
  59. I’ve Wandered All Day in the Pitiless Storm
  60. Jesus, Help Me Day By Day
  61. Jesus, I Come to the Fount
  62. Jesus, I Turn to Thee
  63. Jesus My Savior, O Keep Me and Guide Me
  64. Jesus Wants a Messenger
  65. Joy, Joy, Joy Today
  66. Kingdom of Jesus Is Threatened, We Know, The
  67. Lambs of the Flock, The
  68. Lambs of the Savior
  69. Leave Me with Jesus, I Ask for No Other
  70. Let the Children Rejoice in Christ Their King
  71. Let Us Sing with Joy
  72. Long My Spirit Pined in Sorrow
  73. Look on Me, Savior Mine
  74. Lord, Our God, Is King, The
  75. Make Us Faithful, Blessed Savior
  76. Many Sleep, but Not Forever
  77. Mother, Watch the Little Feet
  78. No Matter What Temptations
  79. Now, Uncle Sam, Though Well Prepared
  80. O, Blessed Bond That Makes Us One
  81. O Father, Behold Thy Wondering Child
  82. O Happy, Happy Tidings
  83. O How I Love the Sabbath
  84. O How My Spirit Longs for Thee
  85. O Jesus, Precious, Bleeding Lamb
  86. O Jesus, We Praise Thee
  87. O Leave the Crowded Ranks of Sin
  88. O Let Me Sing the Blessed Song
  89. O We Love Our Faithful Pastor
  90. O Where Are Your Hearts So Light
  91. O Where Do You Journey, My Brother?
  92. O Who Is My Neighbor? Pray Tell Me
  93. Of All the Sweet and Holy Sounds
  94. O Have You Seen the King of Kings?
  95. O Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled
  96. On the Sweet Eden Shore
  97. On This Beautiful Sabbath Day
  98. Only Just Across the River
  99. Our Glorious Flag
  100. Pleasures of the Angel Band, The
  101. Pressing Onward, Looking Upward
  102. Radiant Shore of Light and Love, A
  103. Rain Down Righteousness, O Jesus
  104. Read, for the Bible’s Cheerful Page
  105. Sabbath Bell So Gaily Breaks, The
  106. Savior, Keep Me Near Thy Side
  107. Savior, Walk Thou Still Beside Us
  108. Savior, We Wait for Thee
  109. Say, Earthly Pilgrim, Why Delay?
  110. Seek the Face and Favor
  111. Shall We Meet No More to Part
  112. Shepherd, We Stray, Show Us the Way
  113. Songs of Praise to Thee, My Savior
  114. Soon, O Soon, I Am Going Over
  115. Speed Away, Speed Away
  116. Strains of Music Often Greet Me
  117. Strength for Today Is Our Only Need
  118. Strength for Today, That the Weary Hearts
  119. Strike, O Strike for Victory
  120. Sun Rose Clear on Sabbath Morn, The
  121. Sweet Is the Savior’s Voice
  122. Sweet Salvation Runneth Free
  123. Sweet Spring Time Is Here, The
  124. Sweetly Dawns the Sabbath Morning
  125. Tell Me, Sun, in the Clear Blue Sky
  126. Tell Me, Watchman on the Steep
  127. There Is a Home in Glory
  128. There Is a Land, a Peaceful Land
  129. There Is a Land of Love
  130. There Is Many a Rest on the Road of Life
  131. Thine Eye Can See
  132. Though I’m but a Little Maiden
  133. Though the Pathway Is Rough
  134. Though We Sleep, ’Tis Not Forever
  135. Thoughtless Sinner, While You Stay
  136. ’Tis Better to Seek Jesus
  137. ’Tis Sweet with True and Earnest Will
  138. Wanderers from God and from Mercy We Stray
  139. We Are Coming, Blessed Savior
  140. We Are Marching on to Glory
  141. We Are on Our Way to Zion’s Holy Hill
  142. We Have Heard the Call
  143. We Love the Shining Stars
  144. We Shall Sleep, but Not Forever
  145. We Soon Shall Be Over the River
  146. We’ll Proclaim It from the Mountains
  147. We’ve ’Listed in the Holy War
  148. When I Draw Near Thy Pearly Gate
  149. When I Think of Jesus’ Love
  150. When I’m Dreaming, Sadly Dreaming
  151. When Light Comes o’er the Plain
  152. When My Sins Before Me Lie
  153. When Rosy Morning Dawneth
  154. When Sorrows Brood Above Me
  155. When the Heart Is Bowed in Anguish
  156. When the Rosy Morning Dawneth
  157. When the Scenes of Earth Have Faded
  158. When the Way Looks Dark
  159. When We Go Up from Jordan
  160. Whether Joys Possess the Soul
  161. While We’re Singing
  162. Why Despond, Though Trials Come
  163. Why, My Laddie, to My Question
  164. Why Should I Covet Riches?
  165. Why Should We Love the Ways
  166. Wonderful Cross By Faith I See
  167. Would You Know Where the Birds Sing Sweetest?
  168. Ye Who Know the Lord of Glory
  169. Yonder the Flowers Immortal Grow

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