March 16, 1820, Bos­ton, Mas­sa­chu­setts.

No­vem­ber 25, 1905, Chel­sea, Mas­sa­chu­setts.

Wood­lawn Ce­me­te­ry, Ev­er­ett, Mas­sa­chu­setts.

Mary was the daugh­ter of Dan­i­el Free­man Pep­per and Bet­sey Burke, and wife of Ell­is Ush­er Kid­der.

She was blind­ed as a teen­ag­er, but for­tu­nate­ly for hymn lov­ers, had her sight re­stored af­ter a few years.

She be­longed to the Me­thod­ist Epis­co­pal Church, and lived 46 years in New York Ci­ty.

  1. Above the Waves of Earth­ly Strife
  2. Am I a Lov­er of the Lord?
  3. Angels Are Com­ing up­on Their Sweet Mis­sion, The
  4. Are You Wea­ry, Hea­vy La­den?
  5. Be Kind to Thy Pas­tor
  6. Bear the News to Ev­ery Na­tion
  7. Beautiful Ed­en, Ref­uge of Peace
  8. Beautiful Spir­it of Faith
  9. Before I Strive to Save Poor Souls
  10. Bethlehem Star, Sweet Gem of Light
  11. Blessed Lord, Thy In­vi­ta­tion
  12. Blow, Ye Gold­en Trum­pets, Blow
  13. Brethren, Let Us Work for Je­sus
  14. Bright Is the Joy of the Girl or Boy
  15. Cherish Kind­ly Feel­ings, Child­ren
  16. Children, Blest with Ev­ery Com­fort
  17. Christ Is Born To­day
  18. Come, Come, Come to the Fount
  19. Come Each with Hap­py Heart
  20. Courage, Cour­age, Bro­thers, Cour­age
  21. Crowned with Light in a Home of Glo­ry
  22. Dark Is My Sky
  23. Dewy, Dewy Rose of Shar­on, The
  24. Did You Think to Pray?
  25. Don’t Be Idle, Lit­tle Child­ren
  26. Don’t For­get to Do Good
  27. Don’t For­get to Read the Bi­ble
  28. Every Day I Am Near­er Ca­naan’s Shore
  29. Far Away Be­yond the Sha­dows
  30. Fear Not, Lit­tle Flock, Says the Sav­ior
  31. For Ma­ny Years We’ve Wait­ed
  32. Forward Shall Be Our Watch­word
  33. Gather Them in­to the Fold
  34. Go to Sun­day School, Child­ren
  35. Good News and Glad Tid­ings
  36. Hail, Hail, Hail, Hail, Bless­ed Sab­bath
  37. Hail to This Our Fes­tal Greet­ing
  38. Happy and Gay, I Will Hast­en Away
  39. Happy, Hap­py Fes­tal Day
  40. Hark, and Hear Them Sing­ing
  41. Have You Pain, or Care, or Sor­row
  42. Heavenly Land, Beau­ti­ful Land
  43. Holy and Bright in the Sweet Sun­light
  44. How I Long to Be There, Where My Spir­it
  45. How Sweet ’Tis to Think
  46. How Sweet Will Be the Wel­come Home
  47. I Am Bought Not with Rich­es
  48. I Dreamed a Dream of Hea­ven
  49. I Have a Home up­on the Earth
  50. I Hear Not a Foot­step
  51. I Look in Vain for Light
  52. I Met a Poor Wan­der­er To­day
  53. I’ll La­bor for the Sav­ior
  54. In the Church of the Lord
  55. In the High­ways, or the Hedg­es
  56. Is It Well with Your Soul To­day, Bro­ther?
  57. Is My Name Writ­ten There?
  58. It Should Ev­er Be Our Rule
  59. I’ve Wan­dered All Day in the Pi­ti­less Storm
  60. Jesus, Help Me Day by Day
  61. Jesus, I Come to the Fount
  62. Jesus, I Turn to Thee
  63. Jesus My Sav­ior, O Keep Me and Guide Me
  64. Jesus Wants a Mes­sen­ger
  65. Joy, Joy, Joy To­day
  66. Kingdom of Je­sus Is Threat­ened, We Know, The
  67. Lambs of the Flock, The
  68. Lambs of the Sav­ior
  69. Leave Me with Je­sus, I Ask for No Oth­er
  70. Let the Child­ren Re­joice in Christ Their King
  71. Let Us Sing with Joy
  72. Long My Spir­it Pined in Sor­row
  73. Look on Me, Sav­ior Mine
  74. Lord, Our God, Is King, The
  75. Make Us Faith­ful, Bless­ed Sav­ior
  76. Many Sleep, but Not For­ev­er
  77. Mother, Watch the Lit­tle Feet
  78. No Mat­ter What Temp­ta­tions
  79. Now, Un­cle Sam, Though Well Pre­pared
  80. O, Bless­ed Bond That Makes Us One
  81. O Fa­ther, Be­hold Thy Won­der­ing Child
  82. O Hap­py, Hap­py Tid­ings
  83. O How I Love the Sab­bath
  84. O How My Spir­it Longs for Thee
  85. O Je­sus, Pre­cious, Bleed­ing Lamb
  86. O Je­sus, We Praise Thee
  87. O Leave the Crowd­ed Ranks of Sin
  88. O Let Me Sing the Bless­ed Song
  89. O We Love Our Faith­ful Pas­tor
  90. O Where Are Your Hearts So Light
  91. O Where Do You Jour­ney, My Bro­ther?
  92. O Who Is My Neigh­bor? Pray Tell Me
  93. Of All the Sweet and Ho­ly Sounds
  94. O Have You Seen the King of Kings?
  95. O Let Not Your Hearts Be Trou­bled
  96. On the Sweet Eden Shore
  97. On This Beau­ti­ful Sab­bath Day
  98. Only Just Across the Ri­ver
  99. Our Glo­ri­ous Flag
  100. Pleasures of the An­gel Band, The
  101. Pressing On­ward, Look­ing Up­ward
  102. Radiant Shore of Light and Love, A
  103. Rain Down Right­eous­ness, O Je­sus
  104. Read, for the Bi­ble’s Cheer­ful Page
  105. Sabbath Bell So Gai­ly Breaks, The
  106. Savior, Keep Me Near Thy Side
  107. Savior, Walk Thou Still Be­side Us
  108. Savior, We Wait for Thee
  109. Say, Earth­ly Pil­grim, Why De­lay?
  110. Seek the Sav­ior
  111. Shall We Meet No More to Part
  112. Shepherd, We Stray, Show Us the Way
  113. Songs of Praise to Thee, My Sav­ior
  114. Soon, O Soon, I Am Go­ing Over
  115. Speed Away, Speed Away
  116. Strains of Mu­sic Oft­en Greet Me
  117. Strength for To­day Is Our On­ly Need
  118. Strength for To­day, That the Wea­ry Hearts
  119. Strike, O Strike for Vic­to­ry
  120. Sun Rose Clear on Sab­bath Morn, The
  121. Sweet Is the Sav­ior’s Voice
  122. Sweet Sal­va­tion Run­neth Free
  123. Sweet Spring Time Is Here, The
  124. Sweetly Dawns the Sab­bath Morn­ing
  125. Tell Me, Sun, in the Clear Blue Sky
  126. Tell Me, Watch­man on the Steep
  127. Then Do I Love Je­sus
  128. There Is a Home in Glo­ry
  129. There Is a Land, a Peace­ful Land
  130. There Is a Land of Love
  131. There Is Ma­ny a Rest on the Road of Life
  132. Thine Eye Can See
  133. Though I’m but a Lit­tle Maid­en
  134. Though the Path­way Is Rough
  135. Though We Sleep, ’Tis Not For­ev­er
  136. Thoughtless Sin­ner, While You Stay
  137. ’Tis Bet­ter to Seek Je­sus
  138. ’Tis Sweet with True and Ear­nest Will
  139. Wanderers from God and from Mer­cy We Stray
  140. We Are Com­ing, Bless­ed Sav­ior
  141. We Are March­ing on to Glo­ry
  142. We Are on Our Way to Zi­on’s Ho­ly Hill
  143. We Have Heard the Call
  144. We Love the Shin­ing Stars
  145. We Shall Sleep, but Not For­ev­er
  146. We Soon Shall Be Over the Ri­ver
  147. We’ll Pro­claim It from the Moun­tains
  148. We’ve ’List­ed in the Ho­ly War
  149. When I Draw Near Thy Pear­ly Gate
  150. When I’m Dream­ing, Sad­ly Dream­ing
  151. When Light Comes o’er the Plain
  152. When My Sins Be­fore Me Lie
  153. When Ro­sy Morn­ing Dawn­eth
  154. When Sor­rows Brood Above Me
  155. When the Heart Is Bowed in Ang­uish
  156. When the Ro­sy Morn­ing Dawn­eth
  157. When the Scenes of Earth Have Fad­ed
  158. When the Way Looks Dark
  159. When We Go Up from Jor­dan
  160. Whether Joys Pos­sess the Soul
  161. While We’re Sing­ing
  162. Why Des­pond, Though Tr­ials Come
  163. Why, My Lad­die, to My Quest­ion
  164. Why Should I Cov­et Rich­es?
  165. Why Should We Love the Ways
  166. Wonderful Cross by Faith I See
  167. Would You Know Where the Birds Sing Sweet­est?
  168. Ye Who Know the Lord of Glo­ry
  169. Yonder the Flow­ers Im­mor­tal Grow

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