1850, Greensboro, Alabama.

March 25, 1923, East Nashville, Tennessee

Mount Olivet Cemetery, Nashville, Tennessee.

Kerr graduated from Union Theological Seminary, Richmond, Virginia, in 1873, and was ordained by the Presbytery of Lafayette in 1874. His works include:

  1. Blessed Country, Home of Jesus
  2. Christ in Glory
  3. Galilean King and Prophet
  4. Hosanna to Jesus, our Savior and King
  5. How Sweetly Christ, the Morning Star
  6. Jubilee, The
  7. Like Snow in the Sunshine
  8. Morning Cometh, The
  9. O Lamb of God, My Sacrifice
  10. Peerless Name, The
  11. Red and Blue Ribbons, The
  12. Remember Thy Creator
  13. We Have a Good and Gentle Lord
  14. Work, Builders, Work
  15. World for Christ, The

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