Mrs. W. J. Kennedy

Au­gust 27, 1842, Cool­col­let, Coun­ty Mon­a­ghan, Ire­land.

May 1, 1900, Not­ta­wa­sa­ga Town­ship (now Clear­view), On­tar­io, Ca­na­da.

Stay­ner Un­ion Ce­me­te­ry, Stay­ner, On­tar­io, Ca­na­da.

Mary moved to Mul­mur Town­ship, On­tar­io, Ca­na­da, in 1859. She mar­ried Will­iam James Ken­ne­dy in Mea­ford, On­tar­io, in 1871.

  1. Alone with God
  2. At the Pear­ly Gates
  3. Beyond the Ri­ver
  4. Crimson Foun­tain, The
  5. Gathering Home
  6. Go and Tell Je­sus
  7. Gospel Ban­ner, The
  8. Gospel Call Is Sound­ing, The
  9. Hallelujah un­to Jesus
  10. Hold Thou My Hand, Dear Sav­ior
  11. Jesus Knocks at Thy Door
  12. I’m Glad I Have a Sav­ior
  13. In a Sav­ior’s Love
  14. In Which Road Do You Travel?
  15. Lead Me to the Rock
  16. My Heart Is Glad
  17. My Pre­sence Shall Go with You
  18. On the Ocean of Life
  19. Once Far from God
  20. Once to God I Was a Strang­er
  21. Spread Abroad the Gos­pel Tid­ings
  22. There Is Glad­ness in the Gos­pel
  23. To Thee, Dear Lord, I Go
  24. We’ll Praise Our Lov­ing Fa­ther
  25. Would You Win the Race, My Bro­ther?