April 26, 1858, Frankfort, New York.

May 10, 1924, New York City.

Fairview Cemetery, Black Brook, New York.

Kenyon graduated from the Hungerford Collegiate Institute in Adams, New York, in 1875. He married Margaret J. Taylor in 1878. Actress Doris Kenyon was their daughter; her credits include the 1924 film Monsieur Beaucaire, in which she starred with Rudolph Valentino. In 1924 a newborn girl, Doris Kappelhoff, was named after Doris Kenyon. Kappelhoff grew up to be a singer and actress, and took the stage name Doris Day.

James Kenyon entered the Methodist ministry in 1878, and held various pastorates, including Trinity Methodist Episcopal Church, Oswego, New York; and First Methodist Church, Syracuse, New York. He was noted for his literary gifts, and Syracuse University conferred a Doctor of Literature and Letters degree on him in 1892.

Kenyon retired in 1916, and beginning around 1920, worked with dictionary and encyclopedia firms. His works include:

  1. Forward, Dauntless Army
  2. Hallelujah! Jesus Saves Me
  3. I Have a Savior Most Faithful and Loving
  4. Morn Bursts on Us with a song, The
  5. Orbs That Through the Vaults, The

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