Mrs. W. J. Kennedy

Au­gust 27, 1842, Coolcollet, County Monaghan, Ireland.

May 1, 1900, Nottawasaga Township (now Clearview), Ontario, Canada.

Stayner Union Ce­me­te­ry, Stayner, Ontario, Canada.

Mary moved to Mul­mur Township, On­tar­io, Ca­na­da, in 1859. She married Will­iam James Ken­ne­dy in Mea­ford, On­tar­io, in 1871.

  1. Alone with God
  2. At the Pearly Gates
  3. Beyond the River
  4. Crimson Foun­tain, The
  5. Gathering Home
  6. Go and Tell Jesus
  7. Gospel Banner, The
  8. Gospel Call Is Sounding, The
  9. Hallelujah unto Jesus
  10. Hold Thou My Hand, Dear Savior
  11. Jesus Knocks at Thy Door
  12. I’m Glad I Have a Savior
  13. In a Savior’s Love
  14. In Which Road Do You Travel?
  15. Lead Me to the Rock
  16. My Heart Is Glad
  17. My Presence Shall Go with You
  18. On the Ocean of Life
  19. Once Far from God
  20. Once to God I Was a Stranger
  21. Spread Abroad the Gospel Tidings
  22. There Is Gladness in the Gospel
  23. To Thee, Dear Lord, I Go
  24. We’ll Praise Our Loving Father
  25. Would You Win the Race, My Brother?