Late 19th Century

Kennedy’s works include:

Copyright records indicate Kennedy was living in New York in 1898.

  1. Are You Saved, Are You Saved
  2. Are You Yielding to the Wrong?
  3. Be Strong in the Lord
  4. Brother, Thou Art Gone Far
  5. Building for Eternity
  6. Cheerful Is Our Sunday School
  7. Children May Sing of the Savior Above
  8. Close to My Savior’s Bleeding Side
  9. Consecrate Thyself, Dear Brother
  10. Ever Seeking for the Crown
  11. Go, Set a Watchman
  12. God, Pity the Children, Barefoot
  13. God’s Voice to Me Is Calling
  14. I Will Cling to the Rock
  15. I Will Love the Holy Bible
  16. In the Palace of the King
  17. Jesus, Hear My Evening Prayer
  18. Lift Ye Up a Banner
  19. Little Hearts May Love Our Heavenly King
  20. Love of God Now Dwells, The
  21. Neath the Everlasting Shadow
  22. Never Fail to Work for Jesus
  23. New Life Now Would You, A
  24. O Exalt the King with Gladness
  25. O Let Us Purge Away Our Pride
  26. O Thou Child of Error’s Way
  27. Of Whom Did Holy Men Foretell
  28. One Thing I Know, Not Long
  29. Praise the Lord of Glory
  30. Sing Those Beautiful Themes Again
  31. Soldiers of the Savior’s Army
  32. Some Day I’ll Enter the Pearly Gate
  33. Sweet Sabbath Bells
  34. That Star Gives Light for All
  35. Bible Tells Us of a Home, The
  36. Glorious Time Is Coming, The
  37. There Are Beautiful Crowns
  38. There Are Holy Pleasures
  39. There Is a Home of Peaceful Rest
  40. There’s a Fountain Clear
  41. There’s a Happy Land of Sunshine
  42. There’s a Sure Foundation
  43. We Are Children of the Band
  44. We Are Drifting o’er the Ocean
  45. We Are Gathering In
  46. We Are Marching ’Neath
  47. We Are Marching, We Are Marching
  48. We Are Servants of the Living
  49. We Are Sowing Precious Seed
  50. We Are Throwing Out the Life Line Tonight
  51. We Are Valiant Little Soldiers
  52. We Are Yielding Nobly Now
  53. We Will Work, We Will Work
  54. Welcome Is the Sabbath Day
  55. While Life’s Harvest Is Passing
  56. Yes, We’ll Meet them at the River