Ju­ly 13, 1769, Kel­ly­ville, Strad­bal­ly, Queens Coun­ty, Ire­land.

May 14, 1855, Dub­lin, Ire­land.

Near the Kel­ly fa­mi­ly home at Kelly­ville, Bal­ly­ad­ams, Queens Coun­ty (now Coun­ty Lao­is).

Son of a judge, Kel­ly at­tend­ed Tri­ni­ty Col­lege (BA 1789) and planned to be a law­yer. Af­ter con­vert­ing to Christ, though, his ca­reer plans changed to the min­is­try.

He be­came an An­gli­can priest in 1792, but even­tu­al­ly be­came one of the fa­mous dis­sent­ing min­is­ters.

He wrote ov­er 760 hymns. Mil­ler’s Sing­ers of the Church (1869) says of him:

Mr. Kel­ly was a man of great and var­ied learn­ing, skilled in the Or­i­en­tal tongues, and an ex­cel­lent Bi­ble cri­tic. He was pos­sessed al­so of mu­sic­al ta­lent, and com­posed and pub­lished a work that was re­ceived with fa­vour, con­sist­ing of mu­sic adapt­ed to ev­ery form of me­tre in his hymn-book.

Na­tu­ral­ly of an am­i­a­ble dis­po­si­tion and tho­rough in his Chris­tian pi­e­ty, Mr. Kel­ly be­came the friend of good men, and the ad­vo­cate of ev­ery wor­thy, be­ne­vo­lent, and re­li­gious cause. He was ad­mired alike for his zeal and his hu­mil­i­ty; and his li­ber­al­i­ty found am­ple scope in Ire­land, es­pe­cial­ly dur­ing the year of fa­mine.

Kelly’s works in­clude:

  1. And Art Thou, Gra­cious Mas­ter, Gone?
  2. Angelic Mes­sen­ger, Re­peat
  3. Arise! Arise, with Joy Sur­vey
  4. As the Dew from Hea­ven
  5. Atoning Work Is Done, The
  6. Behold the Lamb, with Glo­ry Crowned!
  7. Behold the Man! How Glo­ri­ous He
  8. Behold the Tem­ple of the Lord
  9. Beloved As­so­ci­ates in the Strife
  10. Blessèd Foun­tain, Full of Grace
  11. Boundless Glo­ry, Lord, Be Thine
  12. Breaking Bread in Love To­ge­ther
  13. Brethren, Come, Our Sav­ior Bids Us
  14. Brethren, Let Us Walk To­ge­ther
  15. By Whom Shall Ja­cob Now Arise?
  16. Christ Is Born, Go Tell the Sto­ry
  17. Come and See What God Is Do­ing
  18. Come, Look Here, Ye Sons of Sci­ence
  19. Come, O Lord, the Hea­vens Ren­ding
  20. Come, Praise the Lord
  21. Come, See the Place Where Je­sus Lay
  22. Come, Ye Saints, Look Here and Won­der
  23. Day of Rest Once More Comes Round, The
  24. Faint We Are, Though Still Pur­su­ing
  25. Fall, Ye Idols, Fall Be­fore Him
  26. Far from Us Be Grief and Sad­ness
  27. Few We Are, but Thou Still Few­er
  28. Fly Abroad, and Tell the Sto­ry
  29. Fly, Ye Sea­sons
  30. Forward Let the Peo­ple Go
  31. From Egypt Late­ly Come
  32. Give Us Room That We May Dwell
  33. Glad We Hear, from Day to Day
  34. Glory, Glo­ry, Ev­er­last­ing
  35. Glory, Glo­ry, to Our King
  36. God Has Turned My Grief to Glad­ness
  37. God Him­self, Who Reigns on High, The
  38. God Is Love, His Word Has Said It
  39. God of Glo­ry Dwells on High, The
  40. God of Hope and Con­so­la­tion
  41. God of Is­ra­el, We Adore Thee
  42. God of Our Sal­va­tion, Hear Us
  43. Grace Is the Sweet­est Sound
  44. Gracious Lord, My Heart Is Fixed
  45. Grant Us, Lord, Thy Gra­cious Pre­sence
  46. Had Da­vid Done, as Saul Ad­vised
  47. Happy Those Who Trust in Je­sus
  48. Hark, a Voice! It Comes from Hea­ven
  49. Hark, Ten Thou­sand Harps and Voices
  50. Hark, Ten Thou­sand Voices
  51. Hark! That Shout of Rap­tur­ous Joy
  52. Hark! The Notes of An­gels Sing­ing
  53. Hark! ’Tis a Mar­tial Sound
  54. He Who Saved Us When As­sault­ed
  55. Head That Once Was Crowned, The
  56. Heaven Is the Throne of Is­ra­el’s God
  57. He’s Gone! See Where His Bo­dy Lay
  58. How Glo­ri­ous Is the King To­day!
  59. How Ma­ny Things Com­bine to Show
  60. How Plea­sant Is the Sound of Praise
  61. How Sweet to Leave the World Awhile
  62. I Hear a Sound That Comes from Far
  63. If I Had Wings, Then Would I Go
  64. If Jesus Rose Not from the Grave
  65. If Our War­fare Be La­bor­i­ous
  66. In Fel­low­ship We Meet Around
  67. In Form I Long Had Bowed the Knee
  68. In Him Whose Pre­sence Glad­dens Heav’n
  69. In Our Lord We Have Re­demp­tion
  70. In Thy Name, O Lord, As­sem­bling
  71. Israel, Be Not Thou Af­fright­ed
  72. Israel Sang with Joy and Won­der
  73. It Is Fin­ished! Sin­ners, Hear It
  74. It Is Not We Who Can Di­rect
  75. Jacob’s Star Is Ris’n at Last
  76. Jesus Comes, the Judge of All
  77. Jesus, Im­mor­tal King, Go On
  78. Jesus Is Gone Up on High
  79. Jesus, the Shep­herd of the Sheep
  80. Joyful Be the Hours To­day
  81. Keep Us, Lord, O Keep Us Ev­er
  82. Let Crowns of Glo­ry Wreathe Head
  83. Let God Arise
  84. Let Rea­son Vain­ly Boast Her Pow­er
  85. Let Sin­ners Saved Give Thanks and Sing
  86. Let the Friends of Je­sus Bold­ly
  87. Let Those Who Are Agreed
  88. Light Is Sweet, and Plea­sant Is
  89. Lo, He Comes, Let All Adore Him
    • Jesus Comes! Let All Adore Him!
  90. Lo He Comes, ’Tis Zi­on’s King
  91. Look, Ye Saints! The Sight Is Glo­ri­ous
  92. Lord, Arise and Crush the Foe
  93. Lord, Be­hold Us, Few and Weak
  94. Lord, Dis­miss Us Hence with Glad­ness
  95. Lord Him­self Will Keep, The
  96. Lord, His Way Is in the Storms, The
  97. Lord Is Ris­en In­deed, The
  98. Lord, We Come to Seek Thee Ear­ly
  99. Lord, Who Late Was Dead, The
  100. Men of God, Go Take Your Sta­tions
  101. Meet Thy Peo­ple, Sav­ior, Meet Us
  102. Methinks I Stand up­on the Rock
    • Come, Let Us Stand up­on the Rock
  103. Never Leave Us, nor For­sake Us
  104. Night Is Now Far Spent, The
  105. No Strength at All Be­longs to Us
  106. Nothing but the Pur­est Grace
  107. Nothing Know We of the Sea­son
  108. Now Let a Great Ef­fec­tu­al Door
  109. Now Let Our Faith with Joy Sur­vey
  110. Now Let Us All To­ge­ther Sing
  111. Now May the Gos­pel’s Con­quer­ing Pow­er
  112. Now May the Migh­ty Arm Awake
  113. Now May the Spir­it from Above
  114. O Had I the Wings of a Dove
  115. O Is­ra­el, to Thy Tents Re­pair
  116. O Our Sav­ior, Be Thou Near Us
  117. O What a Sound Was There!
  118. O Where Is Now That Glow­ing Love?
  119. O Zi­on, When I Think on Thee
  120. On the Boughs Our Harps Sus­pend­ed
  121. On the Moun­tain’s Top Ap­pear­ing
  122. Our Fa­ther Sits on Yon­der Throne
  123. Our Pass­ov­er Is Of­fered Up
  124. Ours Is a Rich and Roy­al Feast
  125. People of the Lord Are on Their Way, The
  126. Precious Vol­ume, What Thou Do­est
  127. Poor and Af­flict­ed, Lord, Are Thine
  128. Praise the Lord Who Died to Save Us
  129. Praise the Sav­ior, Ye Who Know Him
  130. Praise We Him to Whose Kind Fa­vor
  131. Salvation Is of God Alone
  132. Saved Our­selves by Je­sus’ Blood
  133. Savior, Be Thou with Us
  134. Savior, Come, Thy Friends Are Wait­ing
  135. Savior, Send a Bless­ing to Us
  136. Savior, Through the De­sert Lead Us
  137. Savior, ’Tis to Thee
  138. Savior’s Peo­ple, When They Meet, The
  139. See from Zi­on’s Sac­red Moun­tain
  140. See the Saints in Heav’n Ap­pear­ing
  141. See the Vine­yard Late­ly Plant­ed
  142. See Where the Lord His Glo­ry Spreads
  143. Shepherd of the Cho­sen Num­ber
  144. Sing Aloud to God Our Strength
  145. Sing of Him Who Bore Our Guilt
  146. Sing of Je­sus, Sing For­ev­er
  147. Sing, Sing His Lof­ty Praise
  148. Sing We Praise to God Above
  149. Sons of Zi­on, Raise Your Songs
  150. Sound, Sound the Truth Abroad
  151. Spared a Lit­tle Long­er
  152. Speed Thy Ser­vants, Sav­ior
  153. Spread the News, Go Spread It Wide
  154. Stricken, Smit­ten, and Af­flict­ed
  155. Sweet Are the Sea­sons When We Wait
  156. Sweet Were the Sounds That Reached Our Ears
  157. Thankful for Thy Kind Per­mis­sion
  158. Thanks to Him Who Thus Per­mits Us
  159. They Who Con­fess the Sav­ior Here
  160. Through the Day Thy Love Has Spared Us
  161. Thus Saith God of His Anoint­ed
  162. ’Tis to Us No Cause of Sor­row
  163. ’Tis to Thee We Owe Al­le­gi­ance
  164. To God Our Sav­ior and Our King
  165. To the Ark Away, or Per­ish
  166. To Thee We Come, Our God, to Thee
  167. To Our Lord a Throne Is Giv­en
  168. True, No Chas­ten­ing for the Pre­sent
  169. Trust Ye in the Lord For­ev­er
  170. ’Twas He Who Made the World That Said
  171. Unfold to Us, O Lord
  172. We Have Heard the Joy­ful News
  173. We Have Not Seen the Sav­ior Yet
  174. We Sing the Praise of Him Who Died
  175. We Turn to Zi­on, Seat of Peace
  176. Welcome Sight! The Lord Des­cend­ing!
  177. We’ll Sing in Spite of Scorn
  178. We’ll Sing of the Shep­herd That Died
  179. We’re Bound for Yon­der Land
  180. We’ve No Abid­ing Ci­ty Here
  181. What Is Life?
  182. What Tongue Can Tell, What Fan­cy Paint
  183. What Were Si­nai’s Aw­ful Won­ders
  184. When We Can­not See Our Way
  185. Whence Those Sounds Sym­pho­ni­ous?
  186. While in the Gen­er­al Joy We Share
  187. While in the World We Still Re­main
  188. Who Is This That Calms the Ocean?
  189. Who Is This That Comes from Edom?
  190. Why Those Fears? Be­hold, ’Tis Je­sus
  191. Without Blood Is No Re­mis­sion
  192. Yes, Lord! We Must Re­mem­ber Thee
  193. Yes, ’Tis a Rough and Thorny Road
  194. Yes, We Hope the Day Is Nigh
  195. Yes! We Trust the Day Is Break­ing
  196. Zion Is Je­ho­vah’s Dwell­ing
  197. Zion Stands by Hills Sur­round­ed
  198. Zion’s King Shall Reign Vic­to­ri­ous