July 13, 1769, Kellyville, Strad­bally, Queens County, Ireland.

May 14, 1855, Dublin, Ireland.

Near the Kelly family home at Kelly­ville, Bal­ly­ad­ams, Queens County (now County Laois).

Son of a judge, Kelly attended Trinity College (BA 1789) and planned to be a lawyer. After converting to Christ, though, his career plans changed to the ministry. He became an An­gli­can priest in 1792, but eventually became one of the famous dissenting ministers. He wrote over 760 hymns. Miller’s Singers of the Church (1869) says of him:

Mr. Kel­ly was a man of great and varied learning, skilled in the Oriental tongues, and an excellent Bible critic. He was possessed also of musical talent, and composed and published a work that was received with favour, consisting of music adapted to every form of metre in his hymn-book. Naturally of an amiable disposition and thorough in his Christian piety, Mr. Kel­ly became the friend of good men, and the advocate of every worthy, benevolent, and religious cause. He was admired alike for his zeal and his humility; and his liberality found ample scope in Ire­land, especially during the year of famine.

Kelly’s works in­clude:

  1. And Art Thou, Gracious Master, Gone?
  2. Angelic Messenger, Repeat
  3. Arise! Arise, with Joy Survey
  4. As the Dew from Heaven
  5. Atoning Work Is Done, The
  6. Behold the Lamb, with Glory Crowned!
  7. Behold the Man! How Glorious He
  8. Behold the Temple of the Lord
  9. Beloved Associates in the Strife
  10. Blessèd Foun­tain, Full of Grace
  11. Boundless Glory, Lord, Be Thine
  12. Breaking Bread in Love Together
  13. Brethren, Come, Our Savior Bids Us
  14. Brethren, Let Us Walk Together
  15. By Whom Shall Jacob Now Arise?
  16. Christ Is Born, Go Tell the Story
  17. Come and See What God Is Doing
  18. Come, Look Here, Ye Sons of Science
  19. Come, O Lord, the Heavens Rending
  20. Come, Praise the Lord
  21. Come, See the Place Where Jesus Lay
  22. Come, Ye Saints, Look Here and Wonder
  23. Day of Rest Once More Comes Round, The
  24. Faint We Are, Though Still Pursuing
  25. Fall, Ye Idols, Fall Before Him
  26. Far from Us Be Grief and Sadness
  27. Few We Are, but Thou Still Fewer
  28. Fly Abroad, and Tell the Story
  29. Fly, Ye Seasons
  30. Forward Let the People Go
  31. From Egypt Lately Come
  32. Give Us Room That We May Dwell
  33. Glad We Hear, from Day to Day
  34. Glory, Glory, Everlasting
  35. Glory, Glory, to Our King
  36. God Has Turned My Grief to Gladness
  37. God Himself, Who Reigns on High, The
  38. God Is Love, His Word Has Said It
  39. God of Glory Dwells on High, The
  40. God of Hope and Consolation
  41. God of Israel, We Adore Thee
  42. God of Our Sal­va­tion, Hear Us
  43. Grace Is the Sweetest Sound
  44. Gracious Lord, My Heart Is Fixed
  45. Grant Us, Lord, Thy Gracious Presence
  46. Had David Done, as Saul Advised
  47. Happy Those Who Trust in Jesus
  48. Hark, a Voice! It Comes from Heaven
  49. Hark, Ten Thousand Harps and Voices
  50. Hark, Ten Thousand Voices
  51. Hark! That Shout of Rapturous Joy
  52. Hark! The Notes of Angels Singing
  53. Hark! ’Tis a Martial Sound
  54. He Who Saved Us When Assaulted
  55. Head That Once Was Crowned, The
  56. Heaven Is the Throne of Israel’s God
  57. He’s Gone! See Where His Body Lay
  58. How Glorious Is the King Today!
  59. How Many Things Combine to Show
  60. How Pleasant Is the Sound of Praise
  61. How Sweet to Leave the World Awhile
  62. I Hear a Sound That Comes from Far
  63. If I Had Wings, Then Would I Go
  64. If Jesus Rose Not from the Grave
  65. If Our Warfare Be Laborious
  66. In Fellowship We Meet Around
  67. In Form I Long Had Bowed the Knee
  68. In Him Whose Presence Gladdens Heav’n
  69. In Our Lord We Have Redemption
  70. In Thy Name, O Lord, Assembling
  71. Israel, Be Not Thou Affrighted
  72. Israel Sang with Joy and Wonder
  73. It Is Finished! Sinners, Hear It
  74. It Is Not We Who Can Direct
  75. Jacob’s Star Is Ris’n at Last
  76. Jesus Comes, the Judge of All
  77. Jesus, Immortal King, Go On
  78. Jesus Is Gone Up on High
  79. Jesus, the Shepherd of the Sheep
  80. Joyful Be the Hours Today
  81. Keep Us, Lord, O Keep Us Ever
  82. Let Crowns of Glory Wreathe Head
  83. Let God Arise
  84. Let Reason Vainly Boast Her Power
  85. Let Sinners Saved Give Thanks and Sing
  86. Let the Friends of Jesus Boldly
  87. Let Those Who Are Agreed
  88. Light Is Sweet, and Pleasant Is
  89. Lo, He Comes, Let All Adore Him
    • Jesus Comes! Let All Adore Him!
  90. Lo He Comes, ’Tis Zion’s King
  91. Look, Ye Saints! The Sight Is Glorious
  92. Lord, Arise and Crush the Foe
  93. Lord, Behold Us, Few and Weak
  94. Lord, Dismiss Us Hence with Gladness
  95. Lord Himself Will Keep, The
  96. Lord, His Way Is in the Storms, The
  97. Lord Is Risen Indeed, The
  98. Lord, We Come to Seek Thee Early
  99. Lord, Who Late Was Dead, The
  100. Men of God, Go Take Your Stations
  101. Meet Thy People, Savior, Meet Us
  102. Methinks I Stand upon the Rock
    • Come, Let Us Stand upon the Rock
  103. Never Leave Us, Nor Forsake Us
  104. Night Is Now Far Spent, The
  105. No Strength at All Belongs to Us
  106. Nothing but the Purest Grace
  107. Nothing Know We of the Season
  108. Now Let a Great Effectual Door
  109. Now Let Our Faith with Joy Survey
  110. Now Let Us All Together Sing
  111. Now May the Gospel’s Conquering Power
  112. Now May the Mighty Arm Awake
  113. Now May the Spirit from Above
  114. O Had I the Wings of a Dove
  115. O Israel, to Thy Tents Repair
  116. O Our Savior, Be Thou Near Us
  117. O What a Sound Was There!
  118. O Where Is Now That Glowing Love?
  119. O Zion, When I Think on Thee
  120. On the Boughs Our Harps Suspended
  121. On the Mountain’s Top Appearing
  122. Our Father Sits on Yonder Throne
  123. Our Passover Is Offered Up
  124. Ours Is a Rich and Royal Feast
  125. People of the Lord Are on Their Way, The
  126. Precious Volume, What Thou Doest
  127. Poor and Afflicted, Lord, Are Thine
  128. Praise the Lord Who Died to Save Us
  129. Praise the Savior, Ye Who Know Him
  130. Praise We Him to Whose Kind Favor
  131. Salvation Is of God Alone
  132. Saved Ourselves by Jesus’ Blood
  133. Savior, Be Thou with Us
  134. Savior, Come, Thy Friends Are Waiting
  135. Savior, Send a Blessing to Us
  136. Savior, Through the Desert Lead Us
  137. Savior, ’Tis to Thee
  138. Savior’s People, When They Meet, The
  139. See from Zion’s Sacred Mountain
  140. See the Saints in Heav’n Appearing
  141. See the Vineyard Lately Planted
  142. See Where the Lord His Glory Spreads
  143. Shepherd of the Chosen Number
  144. Sing Aloud to God Our Strength
  145. Sing of Him Who Bore Our Guilt
  146. Sing of Jesus, Sing Forever
  147. Sing, Sing His Lofty Praise
  148. Sing We Praise to God Above
  149. Sons of Zion, Raise Your Songs
  150. Sound, Sound the Truth Abroad
  151. Spared a Little Longer
  152. Speed Thy Servants, Savior
  153. Spread the News, Go Spread It Wide
  154. Stricken, Smitten, and Afflicted
  155. Sweet Are the Seasons When We Wait
  156. Sweet Were the Sounds That Reached Our Ears
  157. Thankful for Thy Kind Permission
  158. Thanks to Him Who Thus Permits Us
  159. They Who Confess the Savior Here
  160. Through the Day Thy Love Has Spared Us
  161. Thus Saith God of His Anointed
  162. ’Tis to Us No Cause of Sorrow
  163. ’Tis to Thee We Owe Allegiance
  164. To God Our Savior and Our King
  165. To the Ark Away, or Perish
  166. To Thee We Come, Our God, to Thee
  167. To Our Lord a Throne Is Given
  168. True, No Chastening for the Present
  169. Trust Ye in the Lord Forever
  170. ’Twas He Who Made the World That Said
  171. Unfold to Us, O Lord, Unfold
  172. We Have Heard the Joyful News
  173. We Have Not Seen the Savior Yet
  174. We Sing the Praise of Him Who Died
  175. We Turn to Zion, Seat of Peace
  176. Welcome Sight! The Lord Descending!
  177. We’ll Sing in Spite of Scorn
  178. We’ll Sing of the Shepherd That Died
  179. We’re Bound for Yonder Land
  180. We’ve No Abiding City Here
  181. What Is Life?
  182. What Tongue Can Tell, What Fancy Paint
  183. What Were Sinai’s Awful Wonders
  184. When We Cannot See Our Way
  185. Whence Those Sounds Symphonious?
  186. While in the General Joy We Share
  187. While in the World We Still Remain
  188. Who Is This That Calms the Ocean?
  189. Who Is This That Comes from Edom?
  190. Why Those Fears? Behold, ’Tis Jesus
  191. Without Blood Is No Remission
  192. Yes, Lord! We Must Remember Thee
  193. Yes, ’Tis a Rough and Thorny Road
  194. Yes, We Hope the Day Is Nigh
  195. Yes! We Trust the Day Is Breaking
  196. Zion Is Jehovah’s Dwelling
  197. Zion Stands by Hills Surrounded
  198. Zion’s King Shall Reign Victorious