Keithahn graduated from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota, in 1956. A United Church of Christ minister and church education specialist, Keithahn was living in Rapid City, South Dakota, as of 2014. She has worked as a curriculum writer-editor, journalist, and lyricist for musical dramas and anthems. Mary is a Life Member and former board member of the Choristers Guild, Life Member of the Hymn Society in the United States and Canada, and a member of American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. Her works include:

  1. Are You the One, They Asked Him
  2. As of Old God Promised Us
  3. This Is the Way I Long Have Sought
  4. Be Present, God of Love, Draw Near
  5. Church Is Our Safe Haven, The
  6. Come Away with Me to a Quiet Place
  7. Come, Praise God For Faithful People
  8. Come to the Table, Sinner and Saint
  9. Emmanuel, Who Walked Among Us Here
  10. Faith Is Patience in the Night
  11. Father Came to Jesus, A
  12. God Calls Us to Worship with Glorious Sounds
  13. God of Every Generation
  14. Good Friends, Rejoice, Be Glad and Sing!
  15. Good Shepherd, Our Leader, Provider, and Guide
  16. Great God of All, We Sing Your Praise
  17. Holy One of Israel, The
  18. In Matthew’s Gospel There Are Five
  19. Jesus Sang to Fishermen
  20. Joyful God of Youth and Children
  21. Kind Heart of a Woman Failed, The
  22. Kingdom We Inherited, The
  23. Let Songs of Thanksgiving
  24. Like Ancient People on a Quest
  25. Like Miriam Who Danced to Praise
  26. Long-Lost Lamb Is in the Fold, A
  27. Mother Lined a Basket
  28. On Christmas Eve We Celebrate
  29. One Holy Night in Bethlehem
  30. One Was Old, Another Barren
  31. People Came From Everywhere, The
  32. Pipe a Tune and Beat the Drum
  33. Sing of a Stable Built on a Hill
  34. Spirit-Child Jesus in Joyful Refrain
  35. Spirit, Falling Like a Dove
  36. There Is a Need For Shepherds
  37. Time Now to Gather
  38. Up to the Temple One Fine Day
  39. We Praise You, God of All Creation
  40. We Sang Our Glad Hosannas
  41. We Thank You For Music Inviting Us Here
  42. We Walk Today in Darkness
  43. Wedding Guests Were Waiting, The
  44. When Cain Killed Abel in a Fight
  45. When It Seemed That Love Was Dying
  46. When Jesus Was a Refugee
  47. When Jesus Was in Bethany
  48. When People Learned of Jesus Christ
  49. When Quiet Peace Is Shattered
  50. When the World Is Babbling ’Round Us
  51. When We Are Blind to the Judgment of Love
  52. When We Are Called to Sing Your Praise
  53. When We Lose a Child or Parent
  54. Where Lilies of the Field Once Bloomed
  55. Widow of Zarephath Town, A
  56. Your Spirit, God, Moves Us to Pray

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