February 27, 1607, Pankratz, Bohemia (now Jítrava, Czech Republic).

January 13, 1662, Zittau, Germany.

Son of Zacharias Keimann, Lutheran pastor at Pankratz, Christian entered the University of Wittenberg in the fall of 1627 (MA March 19, 1634). In April 1634 the town council of Zittau appointed him as the Conrector of their Gymnasium; he became Rector there in 1638. Keimann was a distinguished teacher, and wrote a number of scholastic publications, a few Scriptural plays, and 13 hymns.

  1. Freuet euch, ihr Christian alle
  2. Meinen Jesum lass ich nicht; Weil er sich für michgegeben
    • I Will Leave My Jesus Never!
    • I Will Not Let Jesus Go
    • Jesus I Will Never Leave
    • Jesus Will I Ne’er Forsake
    • Never Will I Part with Christ