April 25, 1792, Fairford, Gloucestershire, England.

March 29, 1866, Bournemouth, Hampshire, England.

All Saints churchyard, Hursley, Hampshire, England.


Keble was the son of the vicar of Colne. After a brilliant career at Oxford University, he took Holy Orders and became Curate at East Leach and Burthorpe. In 1827, he published The Christian Year: Thoughts in Verse for the Sundays and Holy Days Throughout the Year, which was an instant success. In 1831, Keble became a professor of poetry at Oxford. In 1833, he laid the foundation of the Oxford Movement by delivering his famous Assize Sermon. In 1835, he accepted the vicarage at Hursley, where he stayed the rest of his life.

Keble was a modest man, and probably thought less of his own work than did the least of his admirers. He once accompanied the vicar of a parish in southern England on his visit to the Sunday School. The superintendent asked Keble to say a few words to the children, who were already acquainted with his hymns, so that they might more easily remember them. Keble demurred, but when the superintendent persisted, said May they sing something? When they finished, his face was beaming as he said:

My dear children, you sang most beautifully in tune; may your whole lives be equally in tune, and then you will sing with the angels in heaven.

  1. Ave Maria! Blessèd Maid!
  2. Bethlehem, Above All Cities Blest
  3. Blest Are the Pure in Heart
  4. Christ Before Thy Door Is Waiting
  5. Creator Savior, Strengthening Guide
  6. Days of Hope and Prayer Are Past, The
  7. Divine Wrath
  8. Earth Is All the Lord’s, The
  9. Father, What Treasures of Sweet Thought
  10. From Deeps So Wild and Drear
  11. God Is Not in the Earthquake, but Behold
  12. God Our Hope and Strength Abiding
  13. God, the Lord, a King Remaineth
  14. Gracious Savior, Gentle Shepherd
  15. Hail, Gladdening Light
  16. How Pleasant, Lord of Hosts, How Dear
  17. How the Newborn Saints, Assembling
  18. In Troublous Days of Anguish and Rebuke
  19. Is This a Time to Plant and Build?
  20. Lessons Sweet of Spring Returning
  21. Live-Long Night We’ve Toiled in Vain, The
  22. Living Stream, as Crystal Clear, A
  23. Lo, from the Eastern Hills the Lord
  24. Lord, Be My Judge, for I Have Trod
  25. Lord in Thy Field I Work All Day
  26. Lord, in Thy Name Thy Servants Plead
  27. Lord, Lift My Heart to Thee at Morn
  28. Lord of Life, Prophetic Spirit
  29. Lord, Thy Heart in Love Hath Yearned
  30. Lord, Thou Hast Searched Me Out and Known
  31. Mercies of the Lord My God, The
  32. Midday Sun with Fiercest Glare, The
  33. My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Me?
  34. My Savior, Can It Ever Be?
  35. My Shepherd Is the Living God
  36. My Shepherd Is the Lord, I Know
  37. New Every Morning Is the Love
  38. O Father of Long Suffering Grace
  39. O God of Mercy, God of Might
  40. O Lord My God, Do Thy Holy Will
  41. O Love Unseen, We Know Thee Nigh
  42. O Say Not, Dream Not
  43. O Shame on Thee, Listless Heart
  44. O Timely Happy, Timely Wise
  45. O Who Shall Dare in This Frail Scene?
  46. Once in His Name Who Made Thee
  47. Our God in Glory Sits on High
  48. Praise the Lord, for He Is Love
  49. Praise Ye the Lord from Heaven
  50. Red o’er the Forest Peers the Setting Sun
  51. Seed of Jacob, One and All, The
  52. Shadow of the Almighty’s Cloud, The
  53. Silent Joy That Sinks So Deep, The
  54. Sing the Song Unheard Before
  55. Slowly the Gleaming Stars Retire
  56. Sound High Jehovah’s Name
  57. Spirit of Christ, Thine Earnest Give
  58. Spirit of Light and Truth, to Thee
  59. Spirit of Might and Sweetness, Too
  60. Sun of My Soul
  61. Sweet Nurslings of the Vernal Skies
  62. Then, Fainting Soul, Arise and Sing
  63. There Is a Book That All May Read
  64. Thou Framer of the Light and Dark
  65. ’Twas at the Matin Hour
  66. Twilight Hour Is Sweet at Morn, The
  67. Voice That Breathed o’er Eden, The
  68. When Brothers Part for Manhood’s Race
  69. When Christ to Village Comes or Town
  70. When God of Old Came Down from Heav’n
  71. Who for the Like of Me Will Care?
  72. Who Is God’s Chosen Priest?
  73. Why Doth My Savior Weep?
  74. Why Should We Faint and Fear to Live Alone?
  75. Wish Not, Dear Friends, My Pain Away
  76. Word Supreme, Before Creation