Born: 1831, Wash­ing­ton, DC.

Died: Jan­u­a­ry 28, 1890, Gar­field Me­mo­ri­al Hos­pi­tal, Wash­ing­ton, DC.

Buried: Rock Creek Ce­me­te­ry, Wash­ing­ton, DC.


Mary was the daugh­ter of An­drew Har­per and Ma­ry Mc­Der­mott-Roe (daugh­ter of Cor­ne­lius Mc­Der­mott-Roe, a la­bor­er who worked for George Wash­ing­ton), and wife of Ga­bri­el S. Kail (mar­ried 1843).

Mary’s fa­ther died young, pos­sib­ly of ma­la­ria, while Ma­ry and her sis­ter Vir­gin­ia were child­ren. Ma­ry and Vir­gin­ia moved to­ge­ther to Car­roll Coun­ty, Ohio.

By 1878, Ma­ry was ed­it­or of the Con­not­ton Val­ley Times in Car­roll Coun­ty.

In the late 1880s, she was a clerk for the Unit­ed States Trea­su­ry De­par­tment; she lost that job in Sep­tem­ber 1885 due to a change in ad­min­is­tra­tion.



I Am Trusting in God

I am trusting in God,
And I see the land of glory;
I hear the angels singing from afar;
The words that they sing
Are the well-remembered story
Of how the heavenly gates were left ajar.
I know my Redeemer is waiting to receive me,
And the day of my rejoicing is begun,
For I hear a sweet voice saying,
Trusting soul, believe Me,
And the work of your salvation is begun.

I am trusting in God,
And I see the silent river;
I know the ship of Death is sailing near;
But the love of my Savior shall bear me on forever,
And my happy soul has nothing ill to fear;
Above me I hear precious voices sweetly singing,
Loving spirits are around me everywhere;
Sweet and sweeter the music
That in my soul is ringing,
And they tell me I shall meet them over there.

I am trusting in God,
For I know that pain and sorrow
And the weary, weary toiling of today
Shall be lost in the brightness
Of Heaven’s grand to-morrow,
When the Master’s hand shall wipe our tears away.
All around is the splendor of angels in the chorus;
On the shore, see the shining armies stand,
Of the friends who have conquered
And only gone before us
To their rest in the happy Beulah land.

I am trusting in God;
Friends farewell, but not forever.
Dearest mother, though our parting gives you pain,
Far beyond the blue sky,
Where no earthly hand can sever,
We shall meet, and to never part again.
Precious mother, your love like a holy benediction,
Hath so oft given my fainting spirit rest,
And I know that the Lord will sustain you in affliction,
Till you enter in the mansions of the blest.

Mary Elizabeth Harper Kail
Crown Our Heroes, 1887



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