May 12, 1898, Del Rio, Tennessee.

November 7, 1989, Monteagle, Tennessee.

Summerfield Cemetery, Grundy County, Tennessee.


Justus attended the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in teaching. A prolific children’s author, she won the Julia Ellsworth Ford Prize for Gabby Gaffer’s New Shoes (1935-36) and the Boys’ Club Award for Luck for Little Lihu (1950). Her works include:

  1. Hold Your Lamp a Little Higher
  2. I Fear Not, I Dread Not the Shadows Above Me
  3. I Have Wandered Day By Day
  4. I Have Wandered Far Along the Path
  5. I Shall See Him, I Shall Know
  6. If You Only Knew the Sweetness
  7. I’m Tired of Sin, of Worldly Dross
  8. In All the Ways, Through
  9. In the Earthlands Wide
  10. In the Morning of the Day
  11. In the Sweet Sometime of Heaven
  12. I’ve Caught a Happy Vision
  13. Just Keep Waiting Till the Afterwhile
  14. Life’s Little Things
  15. My Weary Heart I Bring
  16. Not a Meeting Here but Has
  17. O This Earth Land Is So Wide
  18. O Wandering Pilgrim, Pause, I Pray
  19. Once When the Day Turned to Darkness and Fear
  20. See the Army of the King
  21. Shades of Night Are Falling
  22. Sing Praises to God with Adoring
  23. Sometimes Heart Grows Weary
  24. Somewhere No Storm Clouds Sweep
  25. There Are Weary Watchers
  26. There Is a Hand That Is Guarding My Way
  27. There Is a Song That Comes to Me
  28. There Is an Invitation Sweet
  29. There Is Need for Workers True
  30. There Is Something for Each
  31. Though We Leave Behind Our Treasures
  32. We Would Do Our Best for Jesus
  33. Whatever My Task or My Sorrow or Care
  34. When an Angel Song Awakes Me