Early 20th Century

Jones’ works include:

  1. Beautiful Home
  2. Beyond the Blue
  3. Christ Is the Rose of Sharon
  4. Christ Is the Savior for Me
  5. Christ Lifted Me
  6. Conscious of His Presence
  7. Fountain of Life, The
  8. Glory Song, The
  9. Hallelujah
  10. Hands That Were Pierced, The
  11. He Leads the Way
  12. He Lifted Me
  13. He Loves Me So Well
  14. He Makes Me Whole
  15. He Will Fill Your Heart Today
  16. Hill Where Jesus Died, The
  17. Holy Highway, The
  18. I Have Jesus in the Valley
  19. I Live with My King
  20. I Trust in Thee
  21. I’m Glad I Came Home
  22. I’m Redeemed
  23. In the Love of Christ
  24. In the Morning
  25. Jesus and I
  26. Jesus Blesses Me
  27. Jesus Is Calling for Thee
  28. Jesus Is Mine
  29. Jesus Is Now My Friend
  30. Life’s Railway
  31. Lighten the Burden
  32. Look on His Face
  33. Lord, Is My Savior, The
  34. Love Like Thine, A
  35. Mansion Bright and Fair, The
  36. Never Lose Sight of Your Savior
  37. No Night Ever Comes
  38. O Boundless Salvation
  39. O Grace That Will Not Let Me Fall
  40. Praise Him!
  41. Press On
  42. Promise in the Word, The
  43. Purchased with Blood
  44. Real to Me
  45. Resurrection Morning
  46. Rugged Cross, The
  47. Song of My Soul, The
  48. Star of Hope, The
  49. There’s a Home for You and Me
  50. They Crowned Him with Thorns
  51. ’Tis Glory in My Soul
  52. To Jesus I’ll Ever Be True
  53. Victory
  54. Walking and Talking with Jesus
  55. Walking with Jesus
  56. We Will Tell Them of Our Christ
  57. When the Gates Swing Open
  58. When You’re Right Before the Lord
  59. Whosoever Meaneth Me
  60. Wonderful Story, A
  61. Wondrous Love-Glow
  62. Wondrous Things of Him Are Spoken
  1. Hananiah