February 8, 1865, Yates City, Illinois.

September 1, 1936, Santa Barbara, California.

Santa Barbara Cemetery, Santa Barbara, California.

A classmate of evangelist Billy Sunday, Jones attended the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Illinois. After graduation, he worked for the Young Men’s Christian Association in Davenport, Iowa; Fort Worth, Texas (1915); and Santa Barbara, California (1925). Hymn writing was his avocation.

In addition to the entry given below in the sources, Findagrave has another entry, in Altoona, Alabama, for a Lewis Ellington Jones, which also claims to be the song writer. Despite being carved in stone, the Alabama grave site is in error, based on this October 1932 letter from Jones to Haldor Lillenas:

In regard to the writing of my songs, would say that a great many came from sentences in a pastor’s sermons. Since I began this work, I have always been listening for some such inspiration. I remember that ‘Power in the Blood’ was written during a camp meeting at Mountain Lake Park, Maryland. My life has been uneventful. I was born in Illinois, moved with my parents to Iowa, where I lived on a farm until I was twenty-one. Then I went into business for a while. Eventually I entered Y.M.C.A. work. Attended training school in Chicago; Billy Sunday graduated from the same class. I was in Y.M.C.A. work for thirty-six years. I retired five years ago, and am now living in California, where all bad weather is unusual.

Preacher’s Magazine, Volume 25, Number 1, January-February 1950, pp. 37-38

  1. All My Hopes Are Fixed
  2. Am I Prepared Each Day and Hour?
  3. Angels of Light with Their Pinions of Gold
  4. Are You Among the Number?
  5. Are You Robed in Righteousness?
  6. As Multitudes Thronged the Dear Savior One Day
  7. As the Little Daisy, White
  8. As We Journey Onward Through Life’s Steep and Rugged Way
  9. As You Journey Onward to a Home Above
  10. At the Door of Your Heart That Is Closed
  11. Beautiful Star of Olden Time
  12. Behold a Savior Crucified
  13. Blessed Promise of the Master
  14. Burdened with a Load of Sin
  15. Come Home, Ye Wand’ring Ones, Come Home
  16. Come Humble Sinner, Come Today
  17. Come to Jesus, Ye Lost Ones
  18. Dare to Stand Up for Jesus
  19. Dear Lord, I Would Now as Thy Messenger Go
  20. Do Not Delay, There Is Work
  21. Down at the Cross I Found a Full Salvation
  22. Field Is Great, the Grain Is White, The
  23. From Wandering Long in Ways of Sin
  24. From Wilderness Dreary We’ve Started for Heaven
  25. Go Work Beneath the Glowing Sun
  26. Gospel Army, Quickly Rally
  27. Happy and Free on This Glad Children’s Day
  28. Have a Purpose as You Pass Along
  29. Have You Accepted of Jesus, the Lord?
  30. Have You Ever Thought of What the Lord Has Done?
  31. Have You Heard of Jesus and His Wondrous Love?
  32. Have You Heard the Invitation to the Marriage?
  33. Have You Taken Jesus for Your Friend and Guide?
  34. Hear the Gospel Call Good News
  35. Hear the Master’s Voice as He Speaks Today
  36. Hear the Sweet New Song Arising
  37. Hear the Sweet Voice of the Savior
  38. Hear the Voice of the Wonderful Savior
  39. Homeward Bound, Homeward Bound
  40. How Wondrous Is the Savior’s Love
  41. I Am Kept from Evil’s Power
  42. I Am on My Journey to a Land So Fair
  43. I Am on My Journey with the Savior for My Guide
  44. I Am Praising My Lord Today
  45. I Am Trusting Jesus Only
  46. I Am Walking in the Pathway
  47. I Brought My Sins to Calvary
  48. I Came in Faith to Jesus
  49. I Have a Royal Message from Christ
  50. I Have a Song I Love to Sing
  51. I Have Been Saved from the Power of Sin
  52. I Have Found a Friend and Savior
  53. I Have Found a Friend to Me So Dear
  54. I Have Found a Friend Unfailing
  55. I Must Tell It
  56. I Will Haste Away to Jesus
  57. I Will Have No Fear When the Foe Is Near
  58. I Would Ever Live for Jesus
  59. I Would Sing of Jesus and His Goodness Day by Day
  60. I’m Glad That the Savior Redeemed Me
  61. I’m Redeemed and Washed from Sin
  62. In Perfect Peace the Savior’s Blood
  63. In Spring We Plow and Scatter Seed
  64. In the Bible It Is Written
  65. In the Blessed Land of Canaan
  66. In the City of the Skies
  67. In the Word ’Tis Written Christ Shall Come Again
  68. In Ways of Sin I Wandered Long
  69. It Will Not Be Long Till in the Sky
  70. I’ve a Friend So Dear to Me
  71. I’ve Anchored in Jesus
  72. I’ve Been to Jesus for a Heart Like Snow
  73. I’ve Been to Jesus for the Power
  74. I’ve Found a Rich Treasure in Jesus My King
  75. Jesus Is My Savior, I Am in His Care
  76. Jesus Is Risen, O Sing
  77. Jesus Loved Me So, That to Save
  78. Jesus, Safely Hide Me
  79. Jesus Shall My Pilot Be
  80. Jesus Sought Me While I Wandered
  81. Joyfully We Come, a Band of Children
  82. Lay Up Your Treasures in Heaven Above
  83. Lean on His Arms
  84. Let the Whole Earth Praise the Lord
  85. Let Us Shout Hosanna to the Heavenly King
  86. Linger Not, the Savior Calls Thee
  87. Lo the Royal Harvest Ripens
  88. Look by Faith Beyond
  89. Looking Out on Life’s Wide Ocean
  90. Make Me, Savior, What Thou Wilt
  91. Many Are Straying in Darkness and Sin
  92. Marching, Marching, Jesus Leading Onward
  93. Marching on to Zion
  94. May I Be Each Coming Day
  95. May We Abound with Cords
  96. My Brother, There’s a Fountain
  97. My Feet Are on the Highway
  98. My Sins Are Like a Mountain
  99. My Sins Are Taken All Away
  100. Not by My Trying, Nor Yet by My Tears
  101. O Answer Now, on Which Side Do You Stand?
  102. O, Come to the Lord, at His Side
  103. O Golden Day of Promise
  104. O Hear the Message, Glad and Sweet
  105. O How Many Are Out on Life’s Ocean?
  106. O Troubled Heart, No Longer Sigh
  107. O, What a Wonderful Story
  108. Of Jesus’ Love I’m Singing
  109. Old Book Stands, The
  110. On the Way That Leads Above
  111. Once I Walked in the Ways of Sin
  112. Our God Is Walking with Us All the Time
  113. Praise the Lord Forever, Tell His Love to Men
  114. Praise the Lord, I Now Can Say
  115. Praise Ye the Lord, for Wonderful Is He
  116. Praises to Jesus I’m Singing
  117. Praises to Jesus We Joyfully Sing
  118. Promise of God I Have Found in the Word, A
  119. Promises by Jesus Given, The
  120. Raven He Feedeth, The
  121. Ring Out, Chiming Bells of the Morning
  122. Rouse Ye for Service Onward Christian Soldiers
  123. Savior Is Tenderly Calling for Thee, The
  124. See the Fields of Waving Grain
  125. Since Christ Hath Redeemed Me and Given Me Peace
  126. Since I Came to Jesus and with Me He Doth Abide
  127. Since to Jesus I Came and in Him I Believed
  128. Since to My Heart He Came to Dwell
  129. Sinful, Dear Lord, Coming to Thee
  130. Soldiers of Christ
  131. Soldiers of Christ, Be Ye Steadfast and Loyal
  132. Spirit Is Calling O Do Not Delay, The
  133. Swell with Heart and Voice the Song
  134. Tell Abroad the Blessed Story
  135. Tell the Joyful News, Christ the Lord Is Born
  136. Temple of Our Lives Shall Stand, The
  137. There Are Days of Toil in the Sowing Time
  138. There Are Heights to Reach in the Canaan Land
  139. There Are Mansions in the Homeland
  140. There Are Many Straying from the Paths of Peace
  141. There Is Need of Valiant Soldiers in the Army
  142. There Is Power in the Blood
  143. There Will Come a Blessed Morning
  144. There’ll Be a Gathering by and By
  145. There’ll Be No Shadows
  146. There’s a Beautiful Homeland by Jesus Prepared
  147. There’s a Precious Fountain, Flowing Deep and Wide
  148. There’s an Open Fountain at the Cross
  149. This the Promise God Has Given
  150. Though the Tides Are Swelling o’er Life’s Restless
  151. Through Shadow or Darkness
  152. Throw Open the Gates of the City
  153. To Mortal Ears, the Dearest
  154. To Redeem My Life from Bondage
  155. To the Lord My Life Belongeth
  156. To the Millions That Are Lying
  157. To Thy Precious, Bleeding Side
  158. Trusting in Jesus, O Why Should I Fear!
  159. Under the Banner of King Immanuel
  160. Vessel Was Tossed by a Raging Storm, A
  161. Walking and Talking with Jesus
  162. Wanderer in Ways of Sin
  163. We Are Daily Drawing Nearer
  164. We Are Little Soldiers
  165. We Are Looking for the Coming of the King
  166. We Are Marching Along, Singing as We Go
  167. We Come, Dear Lord, in Faith to Thee
  168. We Have Heard Such Blessed News
  169. We Shall See the King Some Day
  170. We Would Sing of Jesus and His Love
  171. When I Have Reached Earth’s Borderland
  172. When Jesus Calls for Witnesses
  173. When My Upward Way Seems Rough and Steep
  174. When on Life’s Journey I Weary
  175. When the Rally Call Is Sounding
  176. When the Saved Shall Meet on the Golden Street
  177. When the Savior Shall Assemble
  178. When the Trump of God Shall Ring
  179. Where Will You Stand in the Judgment Day
  180. Why Do You Wander in Darkness Away
  181. Why Stand Ye Idle, My Brother, Today?
  182. Why Will You Wander, O Sinner?
  183. Wonderful Love, Sent the Savior to Die
  184. Would You Be Free from the Guilt of Your Sin?
  185. Would You Be Free from Your Burden of Sin?
  186. Would You from Burdens and Sorrows Be Free?
  187. Would You Live for Jesus?
  188. Would You Overcome in the Battle Hour?
  189. You Must Be Redeemed
  1. All the Way Along
  2. Tempe
  3. Walking with Jesus

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