April 18, 1823, Pompey Hollow, Onondaga County, New York.

1915, Binghamton, New York.

Oran Community Church Cemetery, Pompey, Onondaga County, New York.

Daughter of Eleazer Rice (1790-1879) and Hannah Goodrich Rice (1800-1851), Harriet lived in Onondaga County, New York. She spent her girlhood on a farm, receiving what education the country schools and one term at high school could provide. She was always fond of reading, and was a great singer, with a clear ringing voice. On July 7, 1844, she married Zenas Alonzo Jones (he died in 1879). Her song writing career began when her poetry came to the attention of Merritt J. Munger, who asked if she could write some Sunday school hymns for him. She went on to write for Daniel Towner, J. C. Ewing, the Fillmore brothers, and others.

  1. Abide with Me, O Lord
  2. Angels Watch Till Early Morning, The
  3. Are We Keeping Close to Jesus?
  4. Are We Walking in the Light?
  5. Are You Toiling Day by Day?
  6. Are You Toiling for the Master?
  7. Army of Jesus, The
  8. At the Foot of the Cross
  9. At the Pool of Siloam
  10. Be Loyal, Pilgrims
  11. Beautiful, Golden Sometime
  12. Beautiful Waters Are Moving, The
  13. Behold, a Stranger, Wondrous Fair
  14. Birthday of Our King, The
  15. Bless the Lord, O My Soul
  16. Bless Us Just Now
  17. Blessed Lord and Dear Redeemer
  18. Blue Sea of Galilee
  19. Bright Little Soldiers Are Needed Today
  20. By and By, Our Lord Is Coming
  21. By and By, We Shall Meet
  22. Can I Forget the Sacred Spot?
  23. Can I Forget When from the Throne
  24. Can You Sing a Sweet New Song
  25. Christ as Judge Is Coming by and By
  26. Christ Died for Me
  27. Christ Is Now Ready to Cleanse
  28. Come into Our Sunday School
  29. Come, Spirit, Come, with Light Divine
  30. Come to the Mighty to Save
  31. Come, Weary One, by Sin Oppressed
  32. Cruel Thorns Are in My Pathway
  33. Dear Little Children Are Gathered Today, The
  34. Dear Little Lambs That Are Straying Outside
  35. Dear Redeemer Came, The
  36. Death Shall Come to Claim Us All
  37. Do the Clouds Oft Veil Your Sky?
  38. Do You Hear the Glad Refrain?
  39. Does the Lord Own Me His Today?
  40. Don’t Let Your Sickle Get Rusty
  41. Down at the Cross Where the Savior Died
  42. Draw Me Near Thee, Loving Savior
  43. Enlisted for Christ
  44. Eternity, How Long, How Long
  45. Every Day Anointings
  46. Faint Not, Weary Pilgrim
  47. Feast and the Robes, The
  48. Fields Are White with the Ripened Grain, The
  49. For Me, O Yes, for Even Me
  50. For the Sunshine and the Rain
  51. Fountain of Healing Is Open, The
  52. Friend of Sinners, Take, O Take Me
  53. From Their Bed the Grasses Spring
  54. Glory of Conquest, The
  55. Glory to Jesus, His Word Is True
  56. Go and Gather in the Children
  57. Go Spread the News Abroad
  58. God Be with Us Through the Days
  59. Golden Promise from the Father
  60. Golden Promise I May Claim, A
  61. Hail to the Risen Savior
  62. Harbor Home
  63. Have You Been to Jesus with Your Every Sin?
  64. Have You Heard About the Fountain?
  65. Have You Never Been to Jesus?
  66. Have You Sins o’er Which You’re Grieving?
  67. He Brought Me Up from the Miry Clay
  68. He Who Dwelt Among the Lowly
  69. Hear the Merry Christmas Bells
  70. Hearts Are Never, Never Aching
  71. Herald the Story of Saving Grace
  72. Hold Fast Dear Friend That Which
  73. How I Love to Cling to Jesus
  74. How the Bright Angels Sing
  75. How the Hand of Love Can Lighten
  76. How They Sing Up Yonder!
  77. I Am Dwelling in the Sunshine
  78. I Am Dwelling with My Savior
  79. I Am Happy in the Lord, I Am Trusting
  80. I Am on the Lord’s Side
  81. I Am Pleading, Blessed
  82. I Am so Glad That Jesus Lives
  83. I Am so Glad That Salvation Is Free
  84. I Am the Lord’s, and He Is Mine
  85. I Am Thinking Just Now of That Wonderful Clime
  86. I Am Trusting in the Lord, Hallelujah
  87. I Am Trusting in the Savior
  88. I Am Walking with My Savior
  89. I Come to Thee, O Gracious One
  90. I Have a Friend
  91. I Have Fought a Good Fight
  92. I Have Found the Waters Sweet
  93. I Have Had a Taste of the Joys Above
  94. I Have Plunged Beneath the Flood
  95. I Know My Savior Loves Me
  96. I Know That My Redeemer Lives
  97. I Learned a Song with Sweet Refrain
  98. I Like to Think That Jesus
  99. I Love to Think of Heaven
  100. I Love to Think of the Music Grand
  101. I Love to Think of the Ransomed Throng
  102. I Need Thee, Lord, from Day to Day
  103. I Sought the Blessed Redeemer
  104. I Want to Do Something for Jesus My Savior
  105. I Want to Live in Glory
  106. I Want to Live Just as He
  107. I Want to Work in the Gospel
  108. I Will Never Be Afraid When Foes of God Assail
  109. I Will Trust in the Lord My God
  110. I Would Be a Sunbeam in the Halls of Home
  111. If Christ Should Come Tonight
  112. I’ll Bear the Cross
  113. I’ll Do as Precious Jesus Bids
  114. I’ll Live for My Lord and Redeemer
  115. I’ll Speak a Word for Jesus
  116. I’m a Pilgrim Going Home
  117. I’m Going Home to Jesus, I’m Near
  118. I’m Thinking Just Now of a Beautiful City
  119. I’m Thinking Just Now of a Beautiful Rest
  120. In That Wondrous Home Divine
  121. In the Army of the Lord
  122. In the Garden Prostrate Lying
  123. In the Home Beyond the Tide
  124. In the Home of Bliss, Where the Savior Is
  125. In the Land of Endless Sheen
  126. In the Shadow of His Wings I Am Resting Sweetly
  127. In the Shadow of Thy Wings O Dear Redeemer
  128. In the Shelter of the Rock
  129. In the Slough of Despond
  130. In Yonder Home My Mansion
  131. Is Your Heart All Stained
  132. I’ve Enlisted in the Army
  133. I’ve Seen the Light from Heaven’s Throne
  134. Jesus Came to Bring Salvation to a Ruined Race
  135. Jesus Is Tenderly Calling for Thee
  136. Jesus Loves the Children
  137. Just as He Wills
  138. Just Over Beyond, in the City of Gold
  139. King Bids You Come and Partake of the Feast, The
  140. King in His Beauty upon the White Throne, The
  141. King’s Call, The
  142. King’s Highway, The
  143. Let the Easter Praise Arise
  144. Let the Little Children Bring Floral Tributes
  145. Let Us Arise to Do and Dare
  146. Let Us Work for Jesus While Below
  147. Let Us Work in Cheerful Way
  148. Lift Me Higher, Blessed Jesus
  149. Lights for Our Jesus
  150. Little Girls and Little Boys
  151. Little Hands, Little Hands
  152. Little Ones, Tho’ Very Young, The
  153. Little Soldiers of Our King, The
  154. Little Sowers Blest Indeed
  155. Little Tongues Can Utter Praise
  156. Lo an Army Grand Is Marching
  157. Lo the Many Fields
  158. Lo! ‘Tis Free, This Great Salvation
  159. Lord Is My Shepherd, Then Why Should I Fear, The
  160. Love’s Redeeming Work Is Done
  161. Loving Savior, Lead Thou Me
  162. Make It Known Among the People
  163. Mark Well the Words so Wisely Said
  164. ‘Mid the Cold, Barren Ways
  165. Middle of the King’s Highway, The
  166. Move Forward, Soldiers of the Cross
  167. My Brother, the Master Is Calling for Thee
  168. My Feet Were in the Miry Clay
  169. My Peace Is Like a River
  170. My Redeemer Safely Leads Me
  171. My Savior Had Not Where to Lay
  172. Never a Love Like the Love of the Lord
  173. No More Parting
  174. Not a Cloud to Hide Our Sky
  175. Not Now, But When ’Tis God’s Sweet Will
  176. Nothing to Bring O Savior
  177. Now Is the Time to Labor
  178. Now Let Us Sing the Song Again
  179. Now We Gladly Gather In
  180. O Be Faithful, Christian Soldiers
  181. O Beautiful Banner for Mortals Unfurled
  182. O Beautiful Home of the Weary
  183. O Book of Books
  184. O, Calvary, O Calvary
  185. O Can It Be
  186. O Come to the Fold of the Shepherd
  187. O, Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd
  188. O Ever Sweet and Holy
  189. O Glorious Homeland Just Over the Line
  190. O Home Sweet Home so Free
  191. O How Sweet the Loving Deed
  192. O I Am so Glad That Salvation Is Free
  193. O I Am so Happy in Jesus
  194. O Lamb of God, for Sinners Slain
  195. O Life Giving Water That Floweth so Free
  196. O Praise the Lord, I’ve Been Redeemed
  197. O Precious, Precious Jesus
  198. O Roll the Glad Chorus
  199. O Shall I Help to Swell the Song
  200. O Sing the Sweet Story
  201. O Sinner, Come to Christ Today
  202. O Soul, by Many Woes Oppressed
  203. O Soul of Mine
  204. O Sweet Is the Service of Jesus
  205. O That Song, When Safe at Home
  206. O the Matchless Love and Mercy
  207. O the Meetings, O the Greetings
  208. O the Music Over Yonder
  209. O the Wondrous Love of Jesus
  210. O ’tis Summer All the Time
  211. O to Be Nearer to Jesus
  212. O Wanderer Come to Jesus
  213. O Who Are These so Near the Throne?
  214. O Wonderful, Wonderful Story
  215. O Wondrous Love
  216. O Wondrous Sea of Galilee
  217. Oh! Beautiful Home of the Soul!
  218. O, Fathomless Fountain of Mercy
  219. O Glad Whosoever, the Deed Is Done3
  220. O the Homeland Over Yonder
  221. Old-Fashioned Story, The
  222. On Calvary’s Mountain He Bought Me
  223. On for the Truth and Right
  224. On, On, to the Rescue
  225. One Who Suffered on the Tree, The
  226. Onward, Brothers, Shout the Watchword
  227. Onward, Christian, Wrecks
  228. Onward God’s Army Is Marching
  229. Our Blessed Lord Is Just the Same
  230. Our Lord Commands, and We Obey
  231. Out on Sin’s Ocean the Careless Are Drifting
  232. Over Where the Ransomed Gather
  233. Passing Through the Fiery Furnace
  234. Patiently We Toil Along
  235. Plant Blossoms, Rare Blossoms
  236. Praise, O Praise the King
  237. Precious Christ, in Whom I Trust
  238. Precious Jesus Saves from Sin
  239. Precious Promise from My Savior
  240. Press Onward, Christian Soldiers
  241. Redeemed
  242. Righteous Father Knoweth Best, The
  243. Ring Out, Glad Bells o’er Hills and Dells
  244. Ring Out, Ring Out
  245. Ring Out the Tidings in Notes Loud and Clear
  246. Ring, Ring the Bells
  247. Savior Died to Set Me Free, The
  248. See the Beacon Brightly Burning
  249. See Yonder Vessel, the Storm Rages High
  250. Shall I Tell You Why I Sing a Joyful Lay
  251. Since My Soul Is Redeemed
  252. Sing, O Sing the Dear Old Story
  253. Sing the Christian’s Marching Song
  254. Sing the Joyful News Again
  255. Sing the Love of Jesus
  256. Sing the Love of Jesus
  257. Soldiers of Jesus, Arise
  258. Some Sweet Morning, Noon Or Evening
  259. Sometime the Night of Sorrow Will Be o’er
  260. Sometime We’ll Cross
  261. Sometime We’ll Reach the Summer Land
  262. Song in My Heart, A
  263. Song of Love, The
  264. Sons and Daughters Hearts United
  265. Souls That Are Precious
  266. Spread the Tidings All Abroad
  267. Step Out on the Promise
  268. Still Out of Christ
  269. Sweet Is the Fount of Mercy
  270. Sweet Songs Are Heard in Woodland
  271. There Are Breaking Hearts Today
  272. There Are Dangers Drear on the Sea of Life
  273. There Are Days of Toil for His Servants True
  274. There Are Songs, Sweet Songs
  275. There Is a Beautiful Home Beyond the Silent Sea
  276. There Is a Beautiful Path
  277. There Is a Friend Whose Name Is Love
  278. There Is Glory in My Soul
  279. There Is Sweet Contentment in My Soul Today
  280. There Is Sweet Rest
  281. There Stands a Rock Amid the Waves
  282. There’s a Beautiful Home for the Children
  283. There’s a Beautiful Region Just Now in My View
  284. There’s a Glittering Star Overhead
  285. There’s a Home Beyond the Jordan
  286. There’s a Star in the East
  287. There’s a Star Overhead
  288. There’s a Stranger Close Beside You
  289. There’s an Old Fashioned Story
  290. There’s Joy in the Thought of a Raiment of White
  291. These Are Days of Toil
  292. Though Often Our Feet May Be Bleeding
  293. Though Your Sins Be Red Like Crimson
  294. Three Hours the Earth Is Filled
  295. Through the Precious, Precious Blood
  296. Throw to the Breeze the Banner
  297. Thy Lead, O Lord, I Know Is Best
  298. ’Tis Sweet to Dwell in Love Divine
  299. ’Tis Sweet to Know That Christ Receives
  300. ’Tis Sweet to Know That Jesus Came
  301. To Save the World the Savior Came
  302. To That Sweet Home for Which I Long
  303. To Thee We Render Thanks and Praise
  304. Toiler, Have You Weary Grown
  305. Trusting in the Blessed Christ
  306. Trusting in the Words of Jesus
  307. ’Twill Matter but Little
  308. Unto Our God Let Notes of Praise
  309. Unto Thee I Fly
  310. Upon the Cross the Savior
  311. We Are Children of a King
  312. We Are Coming, We Are Coming
  313. We Are Daughters of a King
  314. We Are Happy Pilgrims
  315. We Are Junior Workers Strong
  316. We Are Little Blossoms
  317. We Are Little Christian Servants
  318. We Are Little Soldiers True
  319. We Are Marching Right Along
  320. We Are Soldiers in the Army
  321. We Are Willing Workers in the Open Field
  322. We Are Youthful Students
  323. We Can Give a Cup of Water
  324. We Come, We Come, This Festive Day
  325. We Come, We Come, This Hallowed Day
  326. We Come with Songs of Gladness
  327. We Have a Rock a Safe Retreat0
  328. We Love the Holy Bible, Its Pages Love to Scan
  329. We May Brighten Paths
  330. We May Plant Some Blossoms
  331. We Must Wait, We Must Work, We Must Watch
  332. We Shall Conquer in the Battle for the Right
  333. We Shall Cross the Rolling Tide Some Day
  334. We Shall Gain the Shining Land
  335. We Shall Meet the King of Heaven
  336. We Shall Reach Our Home Some Day
  337. We Shall Reach the Golden Gate
  338. We Will Bear Each Other’s Burdens
  339. We Will Love the Children’s Friend
  340. Welcome, Sweet Spirit of Love
  341. We’ll Meet Again on Eden’s Plains
  342. We’re a Little Christian Band
  343. We’re a Little Sunshine Band
  344. We’re Going to Hang a Tyrant
  345. We’re Marching to Conquer
  346. We’re on Our Way to Glory Land
  347. We’re Sailing in Salvation’s Ark
  348. We’re Under the Banner
  349. What Can Sweetly Fill My Soul
  350. What Rejoicing There Will Be
  351. When Dreary Shadows Veil My Skies
  352. When I Would Count My Blessings
  353. When the Burdened Heart Relents
  354. When the Call from the Skies
  355. When the Pearly Gates Unfold
  356. When the Saints March in for the Crowning
  357. When the Shadows Round Me
  358. When the Toiling Time Is Ended
  359. When the Working Time Is Over
  360. When We Reach the Fields of Eden
  361. While Sailing Over the Waters Wide
  362. Who Will Forth to Lead the Children
  363. Will You Come to the Feast?
  364. With Joy We Come and Gladly Sing
  365. Within Thy Courts, O Lord
  366. Witness for Jesus His Name
  367. Wonderful, Lovable Savior, A
  368. Would You Bear the Welcome Plaudit?
  369. Would You Go Rejoicing On
  370. Would You Labor for the Master
  371. Ye Saints of God, Rejoice
  372. Ye Slumbering Christians, Arouse Ye, Awake
  373. You’re Sailing Toward the Fearful Rapids