December 9, 1865, Texas Valley, Floyd County, Georgia.

January 19, 1949, Los Angeles, California.

Evergreen Cemetery, Los Angeles, California.


Jones grew up in Kingston, Georgia (between Rome and Atlanta). in 1894, he was pastor of the Tabernacle Baptist Church in Selma, Alabama. in 1895, he became pastor of the Mount Helm Baptist Church of Jackson, Mississippi. Jones eventually helped found what became the Church of Christ (Holiness) U.S.A. He Wrote over 1,000 Gospel songs, most of them 1895–1905.

  1. Abide in Me, the Savior Cries
  2. Abound in Hope, in Hope, the Guiding Star
  3. All I Need
  4. Amazing Love, That God Should See
  5. And Did My Savior Die for Me
  6. Are You a Christian, Little Friend
  7. Ashamed to Sing of Jesus’ Name
  8. Atonement Is Made, the Debt Has Been Paid
  9. Be Glad, Ye Children of the Lord
  10. Be Thou Faithful Until Death
  11. Beloved of All the Saints Most Dear
  12. Bless the Lord, O Soul of Mine
  13. Built on the Rock, Not on the Sand
  14. By This Shall All Men Know
  15. Calling Us Deeper Still
  16. Can You Stand Unmoved, My Brother
  17. Come, Let Us Walk the Narrow Way
  18. Come, Mortal Man, Whate’er Your Lot
  19. Come unto Me
  20. Consecrate Me, Lord, to Thee
  21. Could I but Find
  22. Dark the Days and Long the Journey
  23. Dear Lord, We Join with Thee in Prayer
  24. Death Hath No Terrors
  25. Deeper, Deeper
  26. Drink, O Drink, the Fount Is Flowing
  27. Ever, Ever Onward, Banners Flying
  28. Few Are the Days of Man on Earth
  29. From Every Toil, from Every Snare
  30. Glory, Glory, My Dear Savior Has Shown Mercy
  31. Go Forth, Ye Called of God
  32. God Is Our Refuge and Our Strength
  33. God the Father, God the Son
  34. God’s Blessing Makes His People Rich
  35. Hail, Hail, Ye Sons of Men
  36. Hark, ’Tis the Voice of Love I Hear
  37. Have You Come to Know the Savior
  38. Hear, O Hear the Holy Spirit
  39. Hear, O Hear the Joyful Bells A-Ringing
  40. Hear the Blessed Savior Calling the Oppressed
  41. Hear the Savior Calls Thee Now
  42. Hearts of Clay Awake, Awake
  43. Hide Me, O Savior, Holy and True
  44. Holiness Thy House Becomes
  45. I Am Walking in the Highway
  46. I Believe It, Yes, I’ll Trust Him
  47. I Do Not Plead My Righteousness
  48. I Have Tarried for the Power of the Holy Ghost
  49. I Have Turned Away from My Life of Shame
  50. I Love the Lord, He Heard My Prayer
  51. I Never Shall Forget That Day
  52. I Once Was a Self-Banished Soul from the Lord
  53. I Will Make the Darkness Light
  54. I Would Not Be Denied
  55. If the Lord Has Justified You
  56. I’ll Go All the Way with My Savior
  57. I’m Happy with Jesus Alone
  58. I’m Pressing on My Way to Glory
  59. I’m Trusting Jesus, Yes, I Am
  60. In the Carnal States of Sin and Fear
  61. In the Secret of Thy Presence I Will Hide
  62. In the Valley of Decision
  63. In Thee, Hallelujah, in Thee
  64. It Was Not That I Chose the Lord
  65. I’ve Believed the True Report
  66. Jesus Christ Is Made to Me
  67. Jesus Has Told Us to Proclaim
  68. Jesus, I Love Thee, O How I Love Thee
  69. Jesus Is Calling You, Sinner
  70. Jesus, Jesus, Wonderful Name of Salvation
  71. Jesus Loves Us Like a Friend
  72. Jesus My All in All
  73. Jesus, My Savior, I Love Thee
  74. Jesus Only
  75. Judgment Day Is Now at Hand, The
  76. Just Look Over Yonder What I See
  77. Just Suppose That Death Should Come
  78. Kings and Priests with God Are We
  79. Like Mary We Today Would Sit
  80. List to the Sound of the Trumpet
  81. Lo Tis a Heavenly Sight
  82. Lord Has Slain Our Souls to Sin, The
  83. My Eyes Are on the Mountain Top
  84. My Heart Indites a Matter Good
  85. My Soul, O Lord, May Be Distressed
  86. O Brethren, Heed What Christ Has Said
  87. O Brethren, Sons of God Are We
  88. O Deeper Yet, I Pray
  89. O Do Not Falter, Sinful One
  90. O Go and Fall to Jesus, Go Call upon His Name
  91. O God, Who Knows Full Well
  92. O Holy Spirit Sent to Dwell
  93. O How I Love My Savior King
  94. O How Sad to Have Lived as Did Isr’l of Old
  95. O Jesus, Jesus, Glorious Name
  96. O Jesus, the Savior, I Plead unto Thee
  97. O Man and Woman, Maid and Youth
  98. O My Gentle, Loving Savior
  99. O Watch and Pray, Ye Saints of God
  100. O What Can Little Children Do?
  101. Rivers of Living Water Flow Daily in My Soul
  102. Roll On, Ye Speeding Wheels of Time
  103. Shepherds of the Flocks of God
  104. Sing, Sing, Sing, Loud Let the Praises Ring
  105. Soldiers of Christ, Arise
  106. Sweet Sounds of Glory Great Mine Ears
  107. Tell the Savior All About It
  108. There Is a Land of Peace and Joy
  109. There Is Nothing in the World Like Jesus
  110. There’s a Happy Day at Hand
  111. There’s a Happy Time Acoming
  112. There’s Glory in My Soul So Sweet
  113. There’s Liberty in Christ for Thee
  114. There’s No One So Precious as Jesus to Me
  115. Though the Billows Dash and Spray
  116. Thy Temper, Gracious Lord, Impart
  117. Trusting Thee, Whatever Betide
  118. Upon Thine Arm, Almighty God
  119. Washed in the Blood
  120. Watch, O My Soul, Be on Thy Guard
  121. We’re Walking the Way of Salvation Today
  122. What Are You Going to Do About Jesus
  123. When All Life’s Trials and Conflicts Are Done
  124. When Crowned with Roses Is My Head
  125. When Pangs of Death Seized on My Soul
  126. When the Lord to Heaven Ascended
  127. When the Toils of Life Are Done
  128. Where Shall I Be?
  129. Who Believes upon the Savior
  130. Who Has Borne My Sin and Shame
  131. Who Is on the Lord’s Side, Who Has Died to Sin
  132. Who Is There Here in Love with the Savior
  133. Why Do You Stand, Dear Brother?
  134. Why Not Today, the Savior Calls Thee Now
  135. Why Sadly Weep, Ye Saints of God
  136. Why Should I Shrink from Coming Death
  137. Woe to the Gamblers
  138. Woe to the Prophets
  139. Yield It Up to the Savior
  1. Perugia

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