Gutyn Arfon
Former Rhiwddolion School

Jan­u­a­ry 1849, Tŷ Du, Llan­ber­is, Wales.

Ju­ly 26, 1919, Rhiwddolion, Caer­nar­von­shire, Wales.

Nant Pe­ris, Llan­ber­is, Wales.

Gu­tyn Ar­fon. Gu­tyn is a form of Grif­fith, and Ar­fon is short for Caer­nar­von­shire.


Griff­ith was the son of Hugh and Ell­en Jones.

His fa­ther was pre­cen­tor at Ca­pel Coch, Llan­ber­is, for 60 years. When John Ro­berts be­came pas­tor at the cha­pel, he re­cog­nized Griff­ith’s tal­ents and trained him.

Jones la­ter be­came a stu­dent teach­er at Dol­ba­darn, then as­sist­ant mas­ter at the Bri­tish School in Aber­ys­twyth, and, in 1869, mas­ter at Rhiwdd­o­li­on El­e­men­ta­ry School, where he served 50 years.

He wrote both po­et­ry and mu­sic, and was the first to in­tro­duce mu­si­cal in­stru­ments in the Me­tho­dist cha­pels of Caer­nar­von­shire.

In 1918, he re­ceived a Na­tion­al Tes­ti­mo­ni­al, val­ued at £65.

  1. Llef. Written in mem­o­ry of Griff­ith’s bro­ther, Rev. Da­vid H. Jones (De­wi Arfon), and first sung at a Cy­man­fa in Dolwydd­elen, a vill­age near his own.