Born: De­cem­ber 9, 1865, Tex­as Val­ley, Floyd Coun­ty, Geor­gia.

Died: Jan­u­a­ry 19, 1949, Los An­ge­les, Ca­li­for­nia.

Buried: Ev­er­green Ce­me­te­ry, Los An­ge­les, Ca­li­for­nia.


Jones grew up in Kings­ton, Geor­gia (be­tween Rome and At­lan­ta).

In 1894, he was pas­tor of the Ta­ber­na­cle Bap­tist Church in Sel­ma, Al­a­ba­ma. in 1895, he be­came pas­tor of the Mount Helm Bap­tist Church, Jack­son, Mis­sis­sip­pi.

Jones event­u­al­ly helped found what be­came the Church of Christ (Ho­li­ness) U.S.A.

He is said to have writ­ten ov­er 1,000 Gos­pel songs, most be­tween 1895 and 1905.

  1. Abide in Me, the Sav­ior Cries
  2. Abound in Hope, in Hope, the Guid­ing Star
  3. All I Need
  4. Amazing Love, That God Should See
  5. And Did My Sav­ior Die for Me
  6. Are You a Chris­tian, Lit­tle Friend?
  7. Ashamed to Sing of Je­sus’ Name
  8. Atonement Is Made, the Debt Has Been Paid
  9. Be Glad, Ye Child­ren of the Lord
  10. Be Thou Faith­ful Un­til Death
  11. Beloved of All the Saints Most Dear
  12. Bless the Lord, O Soul of Mine
  13. Built on the Rock, Not on the Sand
  14. By This Shall All Men Know
  15. Calling Us Deep­er Still
  16. Can You Stand Un­moved, My Bro­ther?
  17. Come, Let Us Walk the Nar­row Way
  18. Come, Mor­tal Man, What­e’er Your Lot
  19. Come un­to Me
  20. Consecrate Me, Lord, to Thee
  21. Could I but Find
  22. Dark the Days and Long the Jour­ney
  23. Dear Lord, We Join with Thee in Pray­er
  24. Death Hath No Ter­rors
  25. Deeper, Deep­er
  26. Drink, O Drink, the Fount Is Flow­ing
  27. Ever, Ev­er On­ward, Ban­ners Fly­ing
  28. Few Are the Days of Man on Earth
  29. From Ev­ery Toil, from Ev­ery Snare
  30. Glory, Glo­ry, My Dear Sav­ior Has Shown Mer­cy
  31. Go Forth, Ye Called of God
  32. God Is Our Re­fuge and Our Strength
  33. God the Fa­ther, God the Son
  34. God’s Bless­ing Makes His Peo­ple Rich
  35. Hail, Hail, Ye Sons of Men
  36. Hark, ’Tis the Voice of Love I Hear
  37. Have You Come to Know the Sav­ior?
  38. Hear, O Hear the Ho­ly Spir­it
  39. Hear, O Hear the Joy­ful Bells A-Ring­ing
  40. Hear the Bless­ed Sav­ior Call­ing the Op­pressed
  41. Hear the Sav­ior Calls Thee Now
  42. Hearts of Clay, Awake, Awake
  43. Hide Me, O Sav­ior, Ho­ly and True
  44. Holiness Thy House Be­comes
  45. I Am Walk­ing in the High­way
  46. I Be­lieve It, Yes, I’ll Trust Him
  47. I Do Not Plead My Right­eous­ness
  48. I Have Tar­ried for the Pow­er of the Ho­ly Ghost
  49. I Have Turned Away from My Life of Shame
  50. I Love the Lord, He Heard My Pray­er
  51. I Ne­ver Shall For­get That Day
  52. I Once Was a Self-Ban­ished Soul from the Lord
  53. I Will Make the Dark­ness Light
  54. I Would Not Be De­nied
  55. If the Lord Has Jus­ti­fied You
  56. I’ll Go All the Way with My Sav­ior
  57. I’m Hap­py with Je­sus Alone
  58. I’m Press­ing on My Way to Glo­ry
  59. I’m Trust­ing Je­sus, Yes, I Am
  60. In the Car­nal States of Sin and Fear
  61. In the Sec­ret of Thy Pre­sence I Will Hide
  62. In the Val­ley of De­ci­sion
  63. In Thee, Hal­le­lu­jah, in Thee
  64. It Was Not That I Chose the Lord
  65. I’ve Be­lieved the True Re­port
  66. Jesus Christ Is Made to Me
  67. Jesus Has Told Us to Pro­claim
  68. Jesus, I Love Thee, O How I Love Thee
  69. Jesus Is Call­ing You, Sin­ner
  70. Jesus, Je­sus, Won­der­ful Name of Sal­va­tion
  71. Jesus Loves Us Like a Friend
  72. Jesus My All in All
  73. Jesus, My Sav­ior, I Love Thee
  74. Jesus On­ly
  75. Judgment Day Is Now at Hand, The
  76. Just Look Ov­er Yon­der What I See
  77. Just Sup­pose That Death Should Come
  78. Kings and Priests with God Are We
  79. Like Ma­ry We To­day Would Sit
  80. List to the Sound of the Trum­pet
  81. Lo Tis a Heav­en­ly Sight
  82. Lord Has Slain Our Souls to Sin, The
  83. My Eyes Are on the Moun­tain Top
  84. My Heart In­dites a Mat­ter Good
  85. My Soul, O Lord, May Be Dis­tressed
  86. O Breth­ren, Heed What Christ Has Said
  87. O Breth­ren, Sons of God Are We
  88. O Deep­er Yet, I Pray
  89. O Do Not Fal­ter, Sin­ful One
  90. O Go and Fall to Je­sus, Go Call up­on His Name
  91. O God, Who Knows Full Well
  92. O Ho­ly Spir­it Sent to Dwell
  93. O How I Love My Sav­ior King
  94. O How Sad to Have Lived as Did Isr’l of Old
  95. O Je­sus, Je­sus, Glo­ri­ous Name
  96. O Je­sus, the Sav­ior, I Plead un­to Thee
  97. O Man and Wo­man, Maid and Youth
  98. O My Gen­tle, Lov­ing Sav­ior
  99. O Watch and Pray, Ye Saints of God
  100. O What Can Lit­tle Child­ren Do?
  101. Rivers of Liv­ing Wa­ter Flow Dai­ly in My Soul
  102. Roll On, Ye Speed­ing Wheels of Time
  103. Shepherds of the Flocks of God
  104. Sing, Sing, Sing, Loud Let the Prais­es Ring
  105. Soldiers of Christ, Arise
  106. Sweet Sounds of Glo­ry Great
  107. Tell the Sav­ior All About It
  108. There Is a Land of Peace and Joy
  109. There Is No­thing in the World Like Je­sus
  110. There’s a Hap­py Day at Hand
  111. There’s a Hap­py Time A-com­ing
  112. There’s Glo­ry in My Soul So Sweet
  113. There’s Lib­er­ty in Christ for Thee
  114. There’s No One So Pre­cious as Je­sus to Me
  115. Though the Bil­lows Dash and Spray
  116. Thy Tem­per, Gra­cious Lord, Im­part
  117. Trusting Thee, What­ev­er Be­tide
  118. Upon Thine Arm, Al­migh­ty God
  119. Washed in the Blood
  120. Watch, O My Soul, Be on Thy Guard
  121. We’re Walk­ing the Way of Sal­va­tion To­day
  122. What Are You Go­ing to Do About Je­sus?
  123. When All Life’s Tri­als and Con­flicts Are Done
  124. When Crowned with Ros­es Is My Head
  125. When Pangs of Death Seized on My Soul
  126. When the Lord to Hea­ven As­cend­ed
  127. When the Toils of Life Are Done
  128. Where Shall I Be?
  129. Who Be­lieves up­on the Sav­ior
  130. Who Has Borne My Sin and Shame
  131. Who Is on the Lord’s Side?
  132. Who Is There Here in Love with the Sav­ior?
  133. Why Do You Stand, Dear Bro­ther?
  134. Why Not To­day? The Sav­ior Calls Thee Now
  135. Why Sad­ly Weep, Ye Saints of God?
  136. Why Should I Shrink from Com­ing Death?
  137. Woe to the Gam­blers
  138. Woe to the Pro­phets
  139. Yield It Up to the Sav­ior
  1. Perugia

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