January 21, 1849, Salineville, Ohio.

March 6, 1919, Peoria, Illinois.

Springdale Cemetery and Mausoleum, Peoria, Illinois.

Julia was the daughter of Robert Johnston and Jane G. Waters, and is said to have been a direct descendant of Oliver Cromwell and William the Conqueror. From age six, she lived in Peoria, where her father was pastor of the First Presbyterian Church. She directed the Sunday school there for over 40 years. She also found time to serve as president of the Presbyterian Missionary Society of Peoria for two decades, and to write over 500 hymns. Her works include:

  1. Abide in Me, ’Tis Jesus’ Voice
  2. Above the Strife and Tumult
  3. Afar from Home, Beset by Fear
  4. All Hail Glad Day
  5. All Hail the Coming Day of Coronation
  6. All Hail, Victorious Banner of Jesus Christ
  7. All Shall Know Him
  8. Angel’s Song, The
  9. Anniversary Song
  10. Are You Following Jesus?
  11. Are You Laying Up Your Treasure?
  12. Are You Loyal to God and Country?
  13. Are You Willing to Trust Him Who Died for You?
  14. Armies of the Living, The
  15. As I Fare on My Way to My Daily Task
  16. As Panteth the Hart for the Water Brooks
  17. As You Tread Life’s Way
  18. Ask, for He That Asketh Is Certain
  19. Asked of God, and Lent Unto
  20. Autumn
  21. Be Honest, Jesus Watches
  22. Be of Good Cheer
  23. Be of Good Courage, O Soldiers
  24. Beckoning Hand of Love I See, The
  25. Before Our Kind and Generous Friends
  26. Behold on Yon Cross, upon Calvary’s Side
  27. Behold the Fields Are Whitening
  28. Behold the Lamb of God on Calv’ry’s Tree
  29. Believe Him, Only Trust Him
  30. Bethlehem’s Beautiful Star
  31. Bless Us, Father, as We Read
  32. Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit
  33. Blessèd Savior
  34. Breathe upon Us, Blessed Spirit!
  35. Brightest and Best of the Summer
  36. Child of the King, O Calling Divine, A
  37. Christ, Our Savior
  38. Christ the Savior Blest Redeemer
  39. Christian Living
  40. Christmas Day
  41. Christmas Story, The
  42. Come Closer, Closer
  43. Come, Come Today, While Jesus
  44. Come, Follow Me, O Sweet Command
  45. Come for the Savior Is Calling
  46. Come into His Presence with Singing
  47. Come, Let Us Sing to the Savior Above
  48. Come Near to Me, Thy Master Speaks
  49. Come, O Come with Singing
  50. Come, Thou Compassionate Savior
  51. Come to the Savior, the Moments Fly Fast
  52. Come unto Me, Saith the Crucified One
  53. Come, Walk in Wisdom’s Pleasant Ways
  54. Come with Rejoicing, ’Tis Children’s Day
  55. Coming, Coming, Hear Them Coming
  56. Coming to You, Ever Coming
  57. Courage, Soldiers, Courage Forward
  58. Crown Him the King of Kings
  59. Dost Thou Bear a Heavy Burden?
  60. Easter Gifts
  61. Every Little Step I Take My Savior Knows
  62. Fall into Line, at the Captain’s Command
  63. Far o’er the Tossing Billows
  64. Feeding the Five Thousand
  65. Fear Not the Pathless Wilderness
  66. For Many, Many Blessings
  67. Form at the Threshold, A
  68. Forward, Forward on the Heav’nly Way
  69. Forward, Forward One United
  70. From Everlasting, God’s Love
  71. Fruit of the Spirit Is Love and Joy, The
  72. Give Thanks in the Night for Thy Sorrow
  73. Glad Christmas Greetings Joyfully Sing
  74. Glory and Praise, Dominion and Power
  75. Go Forth at the Call of the Master
  76. Go Quickly, Go Quickly, and Bring Them In
  77. God Is Now Calling, Tenderly Calling
  78. God Our Father
  79. God’s Praise Book
  80. God’s School
  81. Government Shall Be upon His Shoulder, The
  82. Grace Greater Than Our Sin
  83. Grow Like Jesus
  84. Guide Me, O Thou Holy Spirit
  85. Hail Him, the King of Glory
  86. Hail Our Glorious Leader
  87. Hallelujah, the Savior Is Risen
  88. Happy Hour Is Over, The
  89. Happy Sabbath Day, The
  90. Hark! the Good Shepherd Is Calling His Sheep
  91. Hark, the Lovely Blossoms
  92. Hark, the Loving Savior’s Voice
  93. Hark, the Sweet Voices
  94. Hark! the Voice of Jesus, Calling from on High
  95. Harvest Call, The
  96. Has Someone Shown You Kindness?
  97. Hast Thou Not Known, Hast Thou Not Heard?
  98. He Died for Me
  99. He Hath Conquered Death and Sin
  100. He Is Waiting to Be Gracious
  101. He Lives and Loves, Our Savior King
  102. He That Believeth
  103. He Was Not Willing That Any Should Perish
  104. Hear the Angel’s Glorious Message
  105. Hear the Patter, Patter of the Summer Rain
  106. Hear the Word
  107. Hear the Word the Savior Speaks
  108. Here We Come with Gladness
  109. High in Yonder Heavenly Courts the Ransomed Sing
  110. His Light upon the Way
  111. His Way Is Best, Our Father, God
  112. Hitherto the Lord Has Helped Us
  113. Holding Out the Lifeline
  114. Holy Spirit, Guide, Revealer
  115. Hope in God, for Thou Shalt
  116. Hosanna, Hosanna
  117. I Am Traveling Toward Life’s Sunset
  118. I Bring to Thee, O Master
  119. I Do Not Crave, O Savior Christ
  120. I Know the Redeemer Is Mighty
  121. I Lift My Thankful Song
  122. I Long Had Wandered from My Lord Who Died
  123. I Sent You to Reap
  124. I Will Hope in God, My Savior
  125. I Will Sing My Cheerful Song
  126. I Will Tell Jesus
  127. If I Have Sorrow for My Sin
  128. If Thou Believest, Thou Mayest Come
  129. I’m Here on a Mission for Jesus My King
  130. I’m Not Ashamed of Jesus Nor
  131. In His Glorious Beauty
  132. In That Land of Bliss
  133. In the Child Garden
  134. In the Days When Jesus Walked with Men
  135. In the Early Glow of the Morning-time
  136. In the Little Corners Precious
  137. In the Midst of the Fight, Be Courageous
  138. In the Name of Jesus, Little Children Come
  139. In the Secret of His Presence
  140. In the Small Beginners’ Class
  141. In Yonder Manger Cradle
  142. Is It Nothing to You That the Land Is Cursed?
  143. Is Thy Heart Defiled Within?
  144. I’ve Enlisted in the Army of the Lord
  145. Jesus, Bless the Gifts We Bring
  146. Jesus Calls, I Hear Him
  147. Jesus Christ Is Here Today
  148. Jesus Christ Is My Salvation
  149. Jesus Cometh, Jesus Cometh
  150. Jesus Dear, We Bring Thee
  151. Jesus Ever Careth
  152. Jesus, Ever Present Friend
  153. Jesus, Help Us to Remember
  154. Jesus’ Little Flock Are We
  155. Jesus’ Love in Fullness
  156. Jesus Loves Me, This I Know
  157. Jesus, Master, Hast Thou Messages to Send?
  158. Jesus Our Commander Leads Us
  159. Jesus Saves Me from My Sin
  160. Jesus’ Teaching
  161. Jesus, the Lord Who Was Crucified
  162. Jesus, the Savior, the Loving and True
  163. Jesus, the Shepherd, Is Calling
  164. Jesus, Thou Savior of Children
  165. Jesus, Thou Star of the Morning
  166. Joyful Giving
  167. Jubilant Voices, Gladly Ring
  168. Keep Yourselves in the Love of Jesus
  169. King of All Kingdoms
  170. King of All Kingdoms, God Alone
  171. Law and the Gospel, The
  172. Learn of Jesus
  173. Leave All, and Follow Jesus
  174. Let Every Heart Rejoice and Sing
  175. Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled
  176. Let Those Who Trust in God
  177. Life, Endless Life Is Offered
  178. Lift Me Higher, Loving Jesus
  179. Lift the Royal Banner
  180. Lift Up the Glorious Ensign
  181. Lift Up Thy Heart
  182. Lift Up Your Eyes to the Fields
  183. Lift Up Your Hearts, Lo, the Triumph Is Nearing!
  184. Lift Up Your Hearts, Ye Pilgrims
  185. Little Captive Maid, The
  186. Living for the Savior Every Passing Hour
  187. Long, Long Days of Summer, The
  188. Lo at the Portal Stands the Son of God
  189. Long Long Ago a Captive Maid
  190. Look unto Him Who Has Carried Your Sin
  191. Lord Is King Forever, The
  192. Lord Is My Shepherd, The
  193. Lord Keep Watch Between Us, The
  194. Lord of Harvest Looks upon the Fields, The
  195. Lord Will Give Grace and Glory, The
  196. Lovely Flowers Bend Their Heads, The
  197. Loving, Gentle Jesus Hear
  198. Lord of Little Children, The
  199. Many Little Children Never Heard
  200. March On, O Conquering Host of God
  201. Marching in the Sunshine
  202. Marching, Marching, Hear the Marching Feet
  203. Master Hath Whispered a Message, The
  204. More and More of Grace and Mercy
  205. Mighty Love of Jesus, The
  206. My Jesus, Blessed Word of Trust
  207. My Pilgrim Staff I Take with Joy
  208. My Scholars All for Jesus
  209. My Shepherd Is Divine
  210. New Recruits Are Wanted Now
  211. No Room, No Room for Idlers
  212. O Changeless Word
  213. O Come, Come Today
  214. O Come, for All Is Ready
  215. O Hark, to the Voice of Jehovah
  216. O Hear the Voice of Jesus, Go Ye
  217. O Hear Those Tender Voices Call
  218. O Listen to the Message
  219. O Little Blossoms That Grow and That Grow
  220. O Lord, Thy Loving Kindness
  221. O Loyal Hearts, Behold
  222. O Matchless Grace, O Love Divine
  223. O Matchless, Marvelous Grace of God
  224. O Soul, in Darkness and Distress
  225. O Soul in Want and Sorrow
  226. O Souls in Darkness Groping
  227. O Tempted One, Could You but Know
  228. O the Weary Night Is Waning
  229. O Trust the Savior’s Faithfulness
  230. O Wondrous Grace That Justifies
  231. O Wondrous Love, the Love of Christ Our
  232. Occident and Orient Now, The
  233. Oh! Soldiers of Christ
  234. Oh, the Wondrous Grace of Christ
  235. Oh, Who Is This Forgiveth Sin
  236. Once I Sought Forbidden Pathways
  237. Once I Wandered Far from Jesus
  238. Open Stand the Gates of Mercy, Enter In
  239. Open the Gates for the Dear
  240. Open Thou Mine Eyes, Lord Jesus
  241. Others, Lord, Have Come Confessing
  242. Our King Completely Satisfied
  243. Our Loving Heav’nly Father
  244. Over the Pathless Desert Way
  245. Pilgrim of the Day, A
  246. Pilgrim Traveling Homeward, A
  247. Praise the Lord Jehovah with a Joyful Song
  248. Praise the Redeemer
  249. Praise Ye His Holy Name
  250. Praise Ye Jehovah
  251. Prepare the Way
  252. Rally for the Master
  253. Rally, Rally, with His Banner Over You
  254. Rejoice in the Lord, When the Sky Above Is Bright
  255. Repeat the Glad Story That Never Grows Old
  256. Resurrection and the Life, The
  257. Risen Jesus, The
  258. Ruth the Gleaner
  259. Safely Thro’ Another Year
  260. Saving Grace
  261. Savior Calls with Loving Voice, The
  262. See the Place Where Jesus Lay
  263. Service of the King, The
  264. Seek the Lord and His Strength
  265. Shadows Dim May Fill the Valley
  266. Shadows of Twilight Drift Over, The
  267. Shining for Jesus
  268. Show to Us the Things of Jesus
  269. Sing Again the Story Old
  270. Sing, O My Soul, Repeat the Olden Story
  271. Sing of His Tender Mercy
  272. Sing Praise to the Savior
  273. Sing with Hearts and Voices True
  274. Sinner, Yes, a Sinner, Lost Undone, A
  275. Soldier of Christ Be Steadfast!
  276. Some Fair Tomorrow We Shall Know
  277. Sometimes the Sky Is Overcast
  278. Somewhere Today Is a Heart
  279. Song of Glad Redemption, The
  280. Song That Rings Around the World, The
  281. Songs of Rejoicing Now Fall on Our Ears
  282. Sown in Weakness and Dishonor
  283. Spread the News of Jesus’ Love
  284. Spring
  285. Standing Outside
  286. Summer
  287. Sunset Gate, The
  288. Take Our Gifts
  289. Take the Water of Life
  290. Tarry Till He Comes
  291. Teach Us, Lord, to Love Thee
  292. Teach Us, O, Teach Us the Lesson
  293. Tell the Glad Story of Christ
  294. Tender Shepherd, Ever Near Us
  295. Thank God for Little Children
  296. That Same Jesus, Loving and Tender
  297. Trusting Heart Goes Singing, The
  298. There Are Sorrowful Hearts
  299. There Is Joy in Winning Souls
  300. There’s a Call Comes Ringing
  301. There’s a Fountain Free
  302. There’s a Picture Fair and Bright
  303. There’s a Sweet and Blessèd Story
  304. There’s No Other Way
  305. These Little Ones Belong to Him
  306. This Day of All the Year
  307. This Is the Golden Seed Time
  308. Thou Glorious Risen Lord
  309. Thou God of All the Living
  310. Though the Foe Be Strong, Fight On
  311. ’Tis Jesus Pleads, He Bids You Stay
  312. To the Cross on Calvary’s Mountain
  313. To You, to You the Call Rings Out
  314. Today Is the Day of Salvation
  315. Today the Harvest Field
  316. Today the Redeemer Is Calling
  317. Trust in Jesus
  318. Under the Blood My Sins Are Removed
  319. Victory, Victory, Sing Through His Grace
  320. Voice of the Lord from the Heavens, The
  321. Wandering Sheep in Pathways Drear, A
  322. Wand’ring Afar from the Love That Bought
  323. We Are Growing, We Are
  324. We Come the Glad Message
  325. We Come the Savior’s Name To
  326. We Come This Happy, Happy Day
  327. We Come to Learn of Jesus
  328. We Come to Thee, Lord Jesus, with Offerings
  329. We Come, We Come, with Joy Today
  330. We Gather the Sheaves for Jesus’ Sake
  331. We Have Heard of Jesus’ Love
  332. We Praise Thee, O God, for the Joy and the Song
  333. We Sing the Great Story
  334. We Want to Learn of Jesus Who Came a Little Child
  335. We Would See Jesus, Jesus Alone
  336. Welcome, Precious Baby
  337. Welcome to Our Happy Band
  338. Welcome, Welcome, All Who Come
  339. Welcome, Welcome, Holy Sabbath
  340. What a Wonderful Redeemer Is the Lord
  341. What Can We Do from Day?
  342. What Do the Flowers Whisper Low?
  343. What Hinders?
  344. What Shall I Do with the Lord’s Commands?
  345. What Would Jesus Have You Do?
  346. When I Hear of Jesus’ Love
  347. When the Flock He Leadeth
  348. When the Shadows Gather
  349. When the Toilsome March Is Over
  350. When Will You Come to the Savior?
  351. Where the Light of Sin Lies Darkly
  352. White Already, the Fields That Wait
  353. Who Can Heal a Troubled Soul?
  354. Who Can the Burden of Sin Remove?
  355. Who Is Like the Lord Our God?
  356. Who Is My Neighbor?
  357. Who Is There Among You?
  358. Who Is This That Forgiveth Sins?
  359. Who Will Go?
  360. Winter
  361. With Joy We Meet Our Songs
  362. With Joyful Lips Confess Him
  363. With Trusting Heart I Follow
  364. With Trusting Heart I Take My Way
  365. Work Work for Jesus Well and Willingly
  366. Workers Together for Jesus Our Lord

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