Late 19th Century
  1. All This World for Jesus
  2. Along Down the Ranks Soldiers of Christ
  3. Always Be a Sunshine Christian
  4. Always Safely Staying Where
  5. Are You Walking in the Footsteps
  6. Armies of the King, The
  7. As a Pilgrim
  8. As the Two Disciples Walked to Emmaus
  9. Be True to the Savior
  10. Behold the Whitened Harvest
  11. Come to Jesus, Bring Thy Burdens
  12. Committed to Jesus
  13. Condemned to Die Because of Sin
  14. Do You Glory in the Savior?
  15. Earthly Pilgrims Now Are Resting
  16. For the Lord Be Working
  17. Hear the Blessed Invitation
  18. Hear Ye the Message
  19. I Have Been to the Cross
  20. I Only Know It Reaches Me
  21. In the Life of Plenty
  22. In Thy Presence We Bow
  23. I’ve Been Down to the Cross
  24. I’ve His Abiding Peace Within
  25. Jesus’ Love Displayed for Sinners
  26. Just for Today, So Let Me Live
  27. Living for Jesus in This World Below
  28. Move Up the Line, O Worker
  29. My Sunset Is Nearing
  30. O Hear the Message
  31. On, on Ye Faithful
  32. Precious Little Voices
  33. Seek the Lost Ones, Bring Them unto Jesus
  34. Someone Shall Knock at the Beautiful Gate
  35. Step by Step, O Little Pilgrim
  36. Sweet Voice Is Calling to Thee, A
  37. Sweetly Now Are Angels Singing
  38. There Are Many Who Are Straying
  39. There’s Joy in the Thought
  40. Thou Art My Light, My Blessed Redeemer
  41. ’Tis Sweet to Talk with Jesus
  42. To the Cross, Christian Soldiers
  43. We Are Building on the Wall
  44. We Are Children of the Light Saved From Sin
  45. We Are Heirs to a Kingdom
  46. We Are Marching Steadily Onward to Zion
  47. We Are Not Saved by Trying
  48. We Shall Reach the Fairer Land
  49. We Were Busy Little Reapers
  50. We Will Lift the Banner High
  51. When the Trumpet’s Pealing
  52. When We’ve Reached the Heavenly Portals
  53. World Will Be All Beautiful, The
  54. Ye Who Are Burdened And Weary