March 26, 1859, Washington, Missouri.

July 17, 1938, Chicago, Illinois.

Son of a Prussian immigrant, and distant relative of writer Eugenie John Marlitt, Rudolph spent his childhood in the Dutzow settlement near Washington, Missouri. From there his family moved to St. Louis where he attended parochial school, the public school, high school and finally Washington University in St. Louis. He then entered the preacher’s seminary of the Evangelical Synod, which at that time was in a valley near Marthasville. After three years he passed his examination at the age of 19 years, and was accepted as a member of the Evangelical Synod.

John’s first field of work was in southern Illinois, where he was a traveling preacher. As he inherited great literary talent from his father, and occupied himself with the pen, he soon was known in wide circles and received a call to St. Johannes Church in Richmond, Virginia. There he married Miss Emilie Wenzel.

  1. Be Strong, and Trust in God
  2. Christ, Thou Blest Redeemer
  3. I Sing the Praise of Love Unbounded
  4. I Will Ever Sing Thy Praises
  5. One Thing Needful, Greatest Blessing
  1. Help Us, O Jesus, Thou Mighty Defender
  2. Take Thou My Hand and Lead Me