Late 19th Century

We have little data on John, except that he was a minsiter. It seems likely he is David Clark John (1835–1920), whose mother’s maiden name was Bitler: D. C. John wrote the music for a song whose lyrics are variously attributed to  J. S. Bitler and Mrs. E. Whitaker John: D. C. John’s second wife was Sarah Elizabeth Whittaker.

  1. All Hail the Bright Auspicious Morn
  2. Along the River, Deep and Wide
  3. V
  4. Come upon Me, Holy Spirit
  5. Forsake Me Not, O Holy Spirit
  6. Gently Lay Our Precious Darling
  7. Jesus, Now to Thee I Fly
  8. Light of My Life and Comforter Divine
  9. Mistakes of My Life Have Been Many, The
  10. Now I Make a Full Surrender
  11. O City of the Jasper Wall
  12. O Hear My Prayer, My Savior
  13. O When Shall We See Jesus?
  14. Tell Me, Ye Angels, What Is Your Mission?
  15. There Is a Home Prepared for Me
  16. Who Are These Around the Throne?
  1. Bugle Call, The
  2. God’s Blessing
  3. I Was a Wandering Sheep
  4. In the Secret of His Presence
  5. Lord, Hasten to My Aid
  6. O What a Day Is Coming