March 17, 1842, Headington, Oxfordshire, England.

1910, London, England.

Nephew of engraver Orlando Jewitt, William was an architect and artist. His works include:

  1. Christ the Lion of Royal Judah
  2. Come, Hear Ye How God’s Priest of Old
  3. Good News, Good News from Over Sea
  4. Good News, Good News Is Sent
  5. Great Art Thou, Lord, o’er All the Earth
  6. He Cometh, Father, as He Came of Old
  7. O Blessed, Blessed Be the Lord
  8. O Christ, the Father’s Mirrored Light
  9. O Father, Mid the Cherubim
  10. O Father of the World Supreme
  11. O Lord of Life, and Light, and Love
  12. O Lord, Who Shed’st the Sunlight’s Gold
  13. O Son Eternal, Uncreated
  14. Onward, Brothers, Onward
  15. Sing with Gladness!
  16. We Know That Thou Shalt Come
  17. We Know Thee, Lord, the Eternal Way
  18. Weep, Weep for Earth’s Bereaved Ones
  19. With Psalms and Hymns and Holy Songs