Thomas Jarvis

January 13, 1748, Ipswich, England.

August 31, 1833, London, England.

Fryerning, Essex, England.

Son of a Presbyterian minister of the same name, Jervis was educated for the ministry at Hoxton. In 1770, he was appointed classical and mathematical tutor at the Exeter Academy. From 1772–83, he tutored the sons of the Earl of Shelburn, at Bowood, where Dr. Priestly was librarian. In 1783, Jervis succeeded Dr. A. Rees at St. Thomas’ Southwark. In 1796, after the death of Dr. Kippis, he moved to the Princes’ St. Chapel, Westminster. From 1808 to 1818, he was minister at the Mill Hill Chapel, Leeds. After retirement, he lived near London. His works include:

  1. God to Correct a Guilty World
  2. Great God, Thine Attribute Divine
  3. How Vast Is the Tribute I Owe
  4. Lord of the World’s Majestic Frame
  5. Shall I Forsake That Heavenly Friend?
  6. Sweet Is the Friendly Voice Which Speaks
  7. Thou, Lord, in Mercy Wilt Regard
  8. With Joy We Lift Our Eyes

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