August 10, 1810, Trenton, New Jersey.

October 4, 1883, New York City.

Mercer Cemetery, Trenton, New Jersey.


Mary was the daughter of Benjamin Yard and Priscilla Keen, and wife of Henry B. James.

When she was 13 years old, she began teaching Sunday school in the Meth­od­ist Epis­co­pal church. She became a prominent figure in the Wesleyan Holiness movement, assisting Phoebe Palmer, and often leading meetings at Ocean Grove, New Jersey, and elsewhere. Articles by her appeared in the Guide to Holiness, the New York Christian Advocate, The Contributor, The Christian Witness, The Christian Woman, The Christian Standard, and the Ocean Grove Record. Her works in­clude:

  1. All Bright Above
  2. All for Jesus
  3. Almost Saved
  4. Amid the World’s Tumults
  5. Anchor Holds, The
  6. And Did He Hear That Little Prayer?
  7. Are You Drifting Down Life’s Current?
  8. Are You Ready?
  9. At the Foun­tain
  10. Behold the Rock, the Smitten Rock
  11. Christian, Tell Me, Is Thy Light
  12. Come and See
  13. Companionship with Jesus
  14. Come, Thou Blessed Holy Spirit
  15. Communion
  16. Consecration
  17. Count the Mercies
  18. Cover of His Wings, The
  19. Crowded Is Your Heart with Cares
  20. Deep in the Mire of Sin
  21. Divine Guidance
  22. Divine Union
  23. Everlasting Love
  24. Exhaustless Source of Blessing
  25. Go Tell the Great Redeemer’s Love
  26. Good Tidings
  27. Grander Than the Billowy Ocean
  28. Great Sal­va­tion, The
  29. Happy Pilgrim, The
  30. He Is Not Dead, but Sleepeth
  31. Hold Up the Gospel Banner
  32. I Love to Trust in Jesus
  33. I’ll Never Leave Thee
  34. I’m Nearing Home
  35. Is It Well with Thee?
  36. It Reaches Me
  37. Jesus Called the Little Ones
  38. Jesus Calls the Children
  39. Jesus Calls Us
  40. Jesus Only
  41. Lo, We Come to Preach Glad Tidings
  42. Long in Sin’s Dark Dreary Path
  43. Loving Words the Shepherd Said
  44. More and More It Shineth
  45. O Dying Souls, Look Up and See
  46. O Glorious Promises of God
  47. O Glory to God in the Highest
  48. O Gracious Promises of God
  49. O How We Love the Sunday School
  50. O Save Our Boys
  51. O Sing the Sweet Song of the Angels
  52. One Jesus for All
  53. One Look at the Crucified Jesus
  54. Our Glorious Risen Lord
  55. Out Amid the Waves of Ocean
  56. Portals of Pearl, The
  57. Prodigal, Come Home
  58. Rest, Blessed Rest
  59. Sacred Rest
  60. Safe on the Rock
  61. So Will I Comfort Thee
  62. Sow the Seed
  63. Sweetly Resting
  64. Take God at His Word
  65. They Are Coming with Songs
  66. Thine
  67. Touching Jesus
  68. Waiting for the Passport
  69. We Will Meet in the Morning
  70. Where Are the Harvesters?
  71. Why Not Now?
  72. World’s Need, The
  73. Yes, Pray and Wait