Early 20th Century
  1. As We View the Cross of Jesus
  2. Are You Counting the Cost?
  3. Cheerful Word and Winning Smile
  4. Everywhere the Birds Are Singing
  5. Faith Is Mighty, Victory Giving
  6. God Is a Rock of Sure Defense
  7. Great Was Our Sin
  8. Happy Little Ones, We Sing
  9. Have You Tasted That the Lord Is Gracious?
  10. I Would Walk with Jesus
  11. Is Thy Life Distressed and Dreary?
  12. Mansions of the Blest
  13. Only a Penny, but Who Shall Declare
  14. Praise to the Father, Great Is He
  15. Shoulder to Shoulder, the Face to the Foe
  16. Sitting in the Darkness, Longing
  17. Songs of Adoration Raise
  18. Ye Souls That Roam in Darkness Drear