Early 20th Century
Maud Frazer
  1. After a Long and Weary Strife
  2. After the Last Good Night I Say
  3. All for Jesus, All for Jesus
  4. Art Thou Longing, O Soul, to Find Peace
  5. Away with Him
  6. Children of God Here Below
  7. Christ Never Yet Has Failed a Soul
  8. Christians, Be Rejoicing as You March Along
  9. Come, None on Earth
  10. Come unto Me, the Savior Is Pleading
  11. Coming Home Thro’ the Twilight Shadows Gray
  12. Cry to Arms Is Heard, The
  13. Dear Lord, I Safely May Confide
  14. Dear Lord, My Heart Has Heard Thy Call!
  15. Do Not Wander Uncheered and Alone
  16. Door Shall Be Shut, The
  17. Down at the Blessed Master’s Feet
  18. Down with the Evil and Up with the Right
  19. Downward Path of Sin I Trod, The
  20. E’en as the Day Glides
  21. Every One That Asketh, Receiveth
  22. Feel You Not Your Need of Jesus
  23. For the Guilt Burdened Heart
  24. Full of Glory Was the Day
  25. Full of Joy My Soul Today
  26. Glad Songs of Praise
  27. Glorious and Victorious
  28. God Has Prepared a Way of Grace
  29. Have You Heard the Gospel Story?
  30. He Never Disappoints, the Savior
  31. He Wants a Poor Sinner Like Me
  32. Hear Now the Father’s Call
  33. His Is the Love
  34. I Belong to Jesus
  35. I Have Said Farewell to Mother
  36. I Hear Them Still in Memory
  37. I Lay Me Down in Peace to Sleep
  38. I Looked upon a Lovely Rose
  39. I Once Was Sad and Lonely, No Hope
  40. I Sail in the Light That Shines
  41. I Was Sinking
  42. I Will Give, O, Blessed Promise
  43. I Would Sing of the Grace That Met Me
  44. If Only We Keep Trusting
  45. If You Tell the Love of Jesus
  46. I’ll Sing and Rejoice in My Savior’s Dear Name
  47. I’ll Trust My Loving Savior
  48. I’m a Mariner Out on a Dark, Troubled Sea
  49. I’ve Come Back to Mother’s Bible
  50. Jesus Can Save, My Brother
  51. Jesus, Jesus Only
  52. Jesus’ Love, a Living Fountain
  53. Jesus, O My Blessed Savior
  54. Jesus Only, Mid the Turmoil
  55. Jesus So Loves Us
  56. Joy Awaiting, The
  57. Just a Little Help From You
  58. Keep on Trusting, Tho’ the Skies Are Drear
  59. King Needs Little Messengers, The
  60. Led by the Savior, in His Love Abiding
  61. Little Sunbeam, Airy Sunbeam
  62. Little While, a Little While, A
  63. Little While for Sorrow’s Tears, A
  64. Lo I Am with You Alway
  65. Long Ago When Christ Our Savior
  66. Lord, Look upon Our Working Days
  67. Lord of All, Enthroned on High, The
  68. Love of Jesus Led Me Home, The
  69. More of Jesus
  70. My Cup with Blessing Overfloweth
  71. My Savior’s Come, Like Music Rings
  72. My Sins Are All Forgiven Me
  73. My Sins Are Forgiven, Forgotten for Aye
  74. My Soul in the Darkness Was Near
  75. Neath the King’s Command
  76. Night Is at Hand
  77. Now and Forever He Saveth
  78. Now in the Love of the Savior Abiding
  79. O Brethren, Rise and Sing
  80. O Come and Sing His Praises
  81. O Glad and Glorious Gospel
  82. O God of Truth, for Whom I Sigh
  83. O Troubled One, You Can Find Peace
  84. O Who Is This That Patient Stands?
  85. Once the Downward Path of Sin I Trod
  86. One Day the Shepherd Passed
  87. Our Lord His Coming Will Delay
  88. Over on the Other Side of Jordan
  89. Pass Along the Invitation
  90. Precious Blood of Jesus, The
  91. Proclaim the Glad Tidings
  92. Reckon on God to Do His Part
  93. Resting My Soul on Jesus
  94. Safe upon the Heavenly Shore
  95. Savior Is Waiting, My Brother, The
  96. See That Mighty Host Advancing
  97. See the Patient Savior Stand
  98. Shall I Empty Handed Be
  99. She Has Entered into Well-Earned Rest
  100. Since I Came to the Cross
  101. Since I Gave Myself to Jesus
  102. Since My Sins Were Washed Away
  103. Since to Me the Friend of Sinners
  104. Sinner to Jesus I Came, A
  105. So Much the Dear Savior Has Done
  106. So Weak Thou Art
  107. Some Day, Maybe Soon
  108. Soul, Adrift upon Life’s Stormy Sea
  109. Spread Abroad the Name of Jesus
  110. Story Is Winging Its Way, A
  111. Sunshine, Sunshine, Warm and Bright
  112. Sunshine, the Birds, The
  113. Take the Jeers and Take the Mocking
  114. There Is Hope, O Troubled Soul
  115. There Is Joy, There Is Joy
  116. There Shone a Star So Strangely
  117. There’s a Bright Home Eternal Awaiting
  118. There’s a Song in My Heart
  119. There’s a Thought So Sweet, So Dear
  120. There’s One Who Keeps My Soul in Peace
  121. They Speak No Word
  122. Thine Anxious Doubts and Fears
  123. Though a Mighty Foe Assail Thee
  124. Though Bitter the Blast of the Storm May Be
  125. Till the Blessed Savior Found Me
  126. Up There No Dark Night Enters
  127. We Wait for Light
  128. We Will Follow Thee, Lord Jesus
  129. Weary Art Thou
  130. We’ve Enlisted in an Army
  131. What a Gospel!
  132. When I See My Savior
  133. When I Think How Jesus Sought Me
  134. When Long Ago the Thief Condemned
  135. When My Life on Earth Is O’er
  136. When the Thick Clouds Intervene
  137. Whom Having Not Seen, I Love
  138. Whosoever Will, Whosoever Will
  139. Would You Know That Perfect Peace?
  140. Years Can Not Take Him Away, The
  141. You Can Be a Blessing
  142. You May Read in His Glorious Gospel