January 1, 1838, Manchester, Indiana.

November 10, 1914, Cook County, Illinois.

Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois.

Henry was the son of John Jackson and Mabel G. Garrigus, and husband of Alice Clarke. A Methodist minister, he and his wife spent many years as missionaries in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After returning to America, they lived in the River Forest/Oak Park area of Chicago, Illinois.

  1. Look to the Lamb of God
    • Ven al Señor Jesús
  2. Oh Dios, Mi Soberano Rey
  3. Precious Jesus
  4. Ten Compasión de Mí
  5. We’re on the Way to Canaan’s Land
  1. A Dios, Naciones, Dad Loor
  2. Contemplando Tu Amor
  3. Escucha, Amigo, al Señor
  4. Hay un Mundo Feliz Más Allá
  5. Salvador, a Ti Acudo

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