November 5, 1785, Ware, Hertfordshire, England.

April 3, 1852, Camberwell, Surrey, England.

Son of William Irons of Ware, Joseph a friend of John Newton when Newton was Rector of St. Mary Woolnoth in London. On Newton’s death, Irons joined the Nonconformists, and was for some time pastor of a Nonconformist chapel at Sawston, and then of the Grove Chapel, Camberwell, London.

Irons was esteemed as a preacher among the Nonconformists. His sermons were intensely Calvinistic. His hymns were also powerful, and at times poetical, but due to their strong Calvinistic teaching failed to become popular. They were published for use by his own congregation, and until several were adopted by Spurgeon in his Our Own Hymn Book (1866), and Snepp in his Songs of Grace and Glory (1872), were seldom found in any other collection for congregational use. Irons’ works include:

  1. Are the Saints Predestinated?
  2. Arise, My Soul, with Songs to Own
  3. Aspire, My Soul, to Yonder Throne
  4. Awake, Awake, Ye Saints of God
  5. Father, We Glory in Thy Choice
  6. For Ever, O Delightful Word
  7. Hark, How the Choir Around the Throne
  8. Hark, How the Glorious Hosts Above
  9. Hark, ’Tis the Shepherd’s Voice
  10. Holy Father, Let Thy Love
  11. Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove
  12. How Safe Are All the Chosen Race
  13. I Sing the Gracious, Fixed Decree
  14. In Yonder Realms Where Jesus Reigns
  15. Jehovah’s Love First Chose His Saints
  16. Jesus Saw His Church Elected
  17. Let Party Names No More Be Known
  18. My Heart Expands with Good Enditing
  19. My Soul Lies Groveling Low
  20. O Give Thanks unto the Lord
  21. O My Lord, How Great Thy Wonders
  22. Now Let Jehovah’s Covenant Love
  23. O the Happiness Arising
  24. Of Israel’s Covenant I Boast
  25. One with Christ, O Blissful Thought
  26. Praying Soul, Dismiss Thy Fear
  27. Precious Bible! What a Store
  28. Rising on the One Foundation
  29. See from Zion’s Fountain Rises
  30. We Sing the Father’s Love
  31. What Boundless and Unchanging Love
  32. Zion, Beloved of God