September 11, 1938, Bromley, Kent, England.

Idle was educated at Eltham College; St. Peter’s College, Oxford (BA 1962); and Clifton Theological College, Bristol. An Anglican cleric, he was a curate in Lancashire and London, and in 1971 became priest-in-charge at St. Matthias’ Church, Poplar, London. He contributed numerous articles to magazines and newspapers.

  1. All Authority and Power
  2. All Glory Be to God on High
  3. All the Law Your God Has Given
  4. All Your Commandments
  5. Almighty Lord, the Holy One
  6. And Did You Risk Yourself, O Christ?
  7. Arise and Shine! Your Light Has Come
  8. As Jacob Traveled Far
  9. As Sons of the Day and Daughters of Light
  10. Ascended Christ
  11. Attend, All Heaven and Earth
  12. Baptized into Christ Jesus
  13. Blessed Are Those Who Fear the Lord
  14. Christ Is Surely Coming
  15. Christ Once Was Sacrificed
  16. Christ the Lord, Who Calls Us
  17. City of God, Jerusalem
  18. Come and See the Shining Hope
  19. Come, Praise the Lord, All You His Servants
  20. Come, Praise the Name of Jesus
  21. Come, See the Winter Is Past
  22. Come with All Joy to Sing to God
  23. Contend, O Lord with Those
  24. Countless Stars of Heaven, The
  25. Eternal Father, God of Grace
  26. Eternal Light, Shine in My Heart
  27. Eternity Once Entered Time
  28. Exult, Creation Round God’s Throne
  29. Far Greater Than Great
  30. Father and God from Whom Our World Derives
  31. Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ
  32. First and Best Beloved
  33. For Ever, Lord, I’ll Sing Your Love
  34. Freedom and Life Are Ours
  35. Friends of God Whose Faith Abounded
  36. Give Praise for Famous Men
  37. Give Thanks for the Gifts
  38. Give Thanks to God
  39. Glorious God of Heaven, The
  40. Glory and Praise to God
  41. Glory in the Highest to the God of Heaven
  42. Glory to God, the Source of All Our Mission
  43. God, I Cry Aloud for Help
  44. God of All Human History
  45. God of Every Tribe and Nation
  46. God of Hope and Lord of Healing
  47. God of My Life, to You I Pray
  48. God the Lord, the King Almighty
  49. God, We Praise You!
  50. Grace and Peace Be Ours for Ever
  51. Great and Wonderful Your Deeds
  52. Great Is the Lord; His Praise Is Great
  53. Great the Wonder, Great the Mystery
  54. Hallelujah, Praise the Lord
  55. Happy Are Those Whose Offence Is Forgiven
  56. Here from All Nations, All Tongues, and All Peoples
  57. Holy Lord and Father
  58. How Can Scholars Boast of Wisdom
  59. How Clear and True the Skies Sing Out God’s Praise
  60. How Good Is Life, and Length of Days
  61. How Long Will You Forget Me, Lord?
  62. How Many Are Against Me, Lord
  63. How Shall the Wise Be Proud of Their Wisdom?
  64. How Sure the Scriptures Are!
  65. I Am the Bread, the Bread of Life
  66. I Lift Up My Eyes to You
  67. I Love My Great Lord
  68. I Love You, O Lord, You Alone
  69. I Never Looked for Jesus
  70. I to the Hills Lift Up My Eyes
  71. I Trust the Lord for Safety
  72. I Will Exalt You, God, My King
  73. If Christ Had Not Been Raised from Death
  74. If God Does Not Build Up Our House
  75. If God Has Chosen a Nation
  76. If We Are Raised to Life in Christ
  77. I’ll Sing a New Hymn to My God
  78. In God the Father’s Plan
  79. In Life or Death, Lord Jesus Christ
  80. In Silent Pain the Eternal Son
  81. In the Day of Need
  82. In the Lord My Heart Is Strong
  83. In You, O Lord, I Find My Refuge
  84. Israel’s Shepherd, Hear Our Prayer
  85. It Was No Empty Dreamer
  86. It Was on Sunday Morning
  87. Jerusalem! How Glad I Was
  88. Jesus, Come! For We Invite You
  89. Jesus, Most Generous Lord
  90. Jesus Whose Glory, Name and Praise
  91. Jordan’s Waters Part in Two
  92. King David Was a Man of War
  93. Land Is Dry, The
  94. Let God Arise! His Enemies Be Gone
  95. Light and Salvation Is the Lord for Me
  96. Light of Gladness, Lord of Glory
  97. Listen, My Friends, to Each Word
  98. Listen! Wisdom Cries Aloud
  99. Long Before the Reign of Kings
  100. Lord All-Knowing, You Have Found Me
  101. Lord Has Said That He Will Be Our God, The
  102. Lord, Hear My Prayer! My Cry Shall Come Before You
  103. Lord Is Here, the Darkness Gone, The
  104. Lord Is King! Let Earth Be Glad, The
  105. Lord Most High
  106. Lord My Shepherd Rules My Life, The
  107. Lord of Our Time
  108. Lord, Show Us How to Live
  109. Lord, Teach Us to Rejoice in You
  110. Lord, to You We Lift Our Voices
  111. Lord, You Have Seen Your Church’s Needs
  112. Lord, You Have Weaned My Heart from Pride
  113. Lord, You Need No House
  114. Lord, You Sometimes Speak in Wonders
  115. Make Music to the Lord Most High
  116. Make Us, O God, Ashamed of Sin
  117. Moon and Bright Sun
  118. Must the Sword Devour Forever
  119. My Heart Is Ready, O My God
  120. My Heart Rejoices
  121. My Lord of Light Who Made the Worlds
  122. My Lord, You Wore No Royal Crown
  123. No Fear of God Before the Eyes
  124. Now in View of All God’s Mercies
  125. Now Is the Time, the Time of God’s Favor
  126. Now Let Us Learn of Christ
  127. O God, Defender of the Poor
  128. O God, Do Not Keep Silent
  129. O God Eternal, You Are My God
  130. O God of Justice, Answer Me
  131. O God, the Heathen Have Attacked
  132. O Lord, My Rock, to You I Cry Aloud
  133. One Beyond All
  134. Our God Has Made His Covenant New
  135. Out of the Depths I Cry to You
  136. Partners in the Gospel
  137. Powerful in Making Us Wise to Salvation
  138. Praise Our God with Shouts of Joy
  139. Praise the Lord, All Nations, Praise
  140. Praise the Lord, Hallelujah
  141. Praise to God the Father
  142. Preachers of the God of Grace
  143. Rain on the Earth
  144. Remember Your Creator Now
  145. Return to Face Your God
  146. Saints in Christ Are One in Ev’ry Place, The
  147. Saul of Tarsus Planned It
  148. See Christ, Who on the River’s Shore
  149. See the Feast Our God Prepares
  150. Serve the Lord God Only
  151. Shout for Joy to the Lord, All the Earth
  152. Since Our Great High Priest, Christ Jesus
  153. Sing Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!
  154. Sing, Sing, Sing to the Lord
  155. Sing When the Rain Is Coming
  156. Spirit Led By Day, The
  157. Strong in Christ, Our Great Salvation
  158. Sun Went Down on Jacob’s Grief, The
  159. Then I Saw a New Heaven and Earth
  160. This Earth Belongs to God
  161. This World Has Great Rewards to Give
  162. Those Who Rely on the Lord Are Unshakeable
  163. Through All the World Let Christ Be Known
  164. To Christ Who Once This Supper Made
  165. To Everyone Whom God Has Made
  166. To God Our Strength Come, Sing Aloud
  167. To Know God’s Mind and Do His Will
  168. To Set Their Hearts on God
  169. To This We Have Been Called
  170. To Walk the Way of Abraham
  171. True Light Blazing in the Darkest Place
  172. Up from the Depths I Cry to God
  173. Victory of Our God Is Won, The
  174. Vision of the Living God
  175. Wake, O Wake, and Sleep No Longer
  176. We Meet Together in the Name
  177. What Does the Lord Our God Require?
  178. Whatever Things Are Lovely
  179. When at First the Word Was Spoken
  180. When David Found His Rest
  181. When Holy Men of Old
  182. When Israel Fled from Egypt
  183. When Israel Was Young, You Loved Him
  184. When Jesus Led His Chosen Three
  185. When Lawless People Thrive
  186. When Mines Are Dug for Silver
  187. When Prison Walls Extend Their Reach
  188. When Rulers Judge in Righteousness
  189. When the King Shall Come Again
  190. When This Land Knew God’s Gracious Love Outpoured
  191. When We Are Down You Raise Us Up
  192. When We Are in Want
  193. Where Is the Glory of Our God?
  194. Where Is the One Our God Will Choose?
  195. Who Believes What We Have Heard
  196. Wild Creatures Long to Cool Their Tongues
  197. Wise Men, They Came to Look for Wisdom
  198. With One Voice They Joined Their Praise
  199. Wonder of Salvation, The
  200. Works of the Lord Are Created in Wisdom, The
  201. World in Pain, a Baby’s Cry, A
  202. You Come to Interpret and Teach Us Effectively

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