Abby Hyde, Ann Hyde

Sep­tem­ber 28, 1799, Stockbridge, Mas­sa­chu­setts.

Ap­ril 7, 1872, Andover, Mas­sa­chu­setts.

Ellington Center Ce­me­te­ry, Ellington, Con­nec­ti­cut.

Abigail married Rev. Lavius Hyde of Salisbury, September 28, 1818. Her first poem, Address to Mr. Wolfe, the Jewish missionary, appeared in a New Ha­ven, Con­nec­ti­cut, newspaper around 1822. Her hymns were published in Hymns & Sacred Songs for the Monthly Concert, by Leonard Bacon (Andover, Mas­sa­chu­setts: 1823); Village Hymns, by Asahel Nettleton, 1824; and the Congregational Hymn Book, by Nason, 1857.

  1. Across the Weary Desert
  2. Ah, What Can I, a Sinner, Do?
  3. And Canst Thou, Sinner, Slight?
  4. Ark of Rest, I Come to Thee
  5. As Opening Flowers, Whose Petals Bright
  6. Be with Us, Heavenly Dove
  7. Behold the Glorious Dawning Bright
  8. Call by the Mighty, Saving Word
  9. Come to the Shepherd’s Fold Today
  10. Come to the Waters
  11. Come to Thy House, O Lord
  12. Constrain Me by Thy Love
  13. Dear Savior, if These Lambs Should Stray
  14. Father, Thy Grace Allies
  15. Fear Not, unto Our Troubled Hearts
  16. Giver and Source of Joy and Light
  17. Hail the Holy Night
  18. Happy Children Gathered Here
  19. Hear, O My God, a Captive’s Sigh
  20. Help Me with Thankful Heart, O God
  21. Israel, Thy Mournful Night Is Past
  22. Joyful, My God, Meet This Day
  23. Lord, Accept Our Worship Now
  24. Lord God, the Holy Ghost
  25. Lord, Own This House Thy Dwelling Place
  26. Lord, We Come to Weep and Pray
  27. Lord Will Not Forget the Grace, The
  28. Mid the Wild Uproar of the Stormy Deep
  29. O Thou, Around Whose Throne on High
  30. Our Heavenly Father, We Resign
  31. Our Savior, Jesus, Be with These
  32. Redeemer, Lord, and Prince of Peace
  33. Savior, I Feel This Heart Is Vile
  34. Savior, I Love Thy Name
  35. Savior, It Was Thy Gracious Word
  36. Savior, May We Come to Thee
  37. Say, Sinner! Hath a Voice Within?
  38. Send Forth, O God, the Healing Tide
  39. Shepherd, Who Leadest with Tender Care
  40. Starlight Soft, Gently Fall
  41. Tell What the Lord for Thee Has Done
  42. Thou Who at Lazarus’ Grave Didst Weep
  43. Thou Who Didst Once Our Sickness Take
  44. Though Earthly Friends Estranged May Grow
  45. Thy Name, O God Is on the Skies
  46. To Thine Own Jerusalem
  47. Together at Thy Throne of Grace
  48. Trump of Israel’s Jubilee, The
  49. Turn to Thy Rest, My Soul
  50. We Come with Voice of Song
  51. We Praise Our God, Whose Gracious Hand
  52. Ye Who in Former Days

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