February 8, 1874, Henniker, New Hampshire.

September 5, 1958, Concord, New Hampshire.

Quaker Cemetery, Henniker, New Hampshire.

Born into a Quaker family, Jennie was the daughter of Paul Hussey and Sarah N. D. Dodge. She began writing poetry while young, and lived in rural New Hampshire most of her life. At the time of her death, she was living in the Home for the Aged in Concord, New Hampshire.

  1. Beautiful Water Lily, The
  2. Blessed Thought, That When Our Earthly Toils Are O’er
  3. Bright Summer Days Have Been Fleeting, The
  4. Consider Now, Said He, All the Lilies
  5. For the Blessings All Unnumbered
  6. Had You Dwelt in Bethlehem City?
  7. Has a Message Come to You from the King?
  8. Has Your Life Been Burdened with a Weight of Care?
  9. Have You Heard the Master Saying?
  10. He Is Crowned with Glory and Honor
  11. He That Is Victor in the Daily Struggle
  12. I Am but a Penny, but I’ll Add My Mite
  13. I Never Knew How Beautiful This Earth
  14. I Stood Alone at the Bar of God
  15. I Stood Beside the Crimson Tide
  16. I Think That Among the Most Precious
  17. In Lowly and Hidden Places
  18. In Our Days of Care and Sorrow
  19. I’ve a Very Precious Blessing in My Soul
  20. Lead Me to Calvary
  21. Long Ago ’Twas Told in Story
  22. Long with Sin My Heart Was Burdened
  23. Longing for Help and Healing
  24. Love Is a Beautiful Story
  25. O Child of the King, a Message I Bring
  26. O It Is Sweet to Be Serving
  27. O Lord, Keep Watch Between Us
  28. O My Brother, Are You Living?
  29. O Soul Unsaved from All Your Sin
  30. O the Wondrous Mystic Power
  31. On This, the Brightest Day
  32. Over the Plains and Hillsides
  33. Revival Flames Are Kindling
  34. Ruler of Life, We Crown You Now
  35. Savior Is Standing with Low Bending Head, The
  36. Sparrows Sow and Reap Not, The
  37. There’s an Evil in Our Land
  38. Thy Will Be Done
  39. Unfathomed as the Deepest Sea
  40. Unto the Uttermost
  41. When Darkness Surrounds Me
  42. When Our Feet Have Reached the Summit
  43. When the Savior Had Gone into Heaven
  44. Who Shall Ever Separate Us