John Huss

1369, Husinetz, Southern Bohemia (now Husinec, Czechia).

Ju­ly 6, 1415, Constance.


Hus moved to Prague as a boy, and began singing and studying at the Un­i­ver­si­ty of Prague (BA 1393, MA 1396). He was ordained in 1400, and served as university rector, 1402–03. Known as a reformer and admirer of John Wycliff, Hus came into conflict with religious authorities: He was excommunicated in 1410, and burned at the stake for heresy in 1415.

  1. Jesus Christus, Nostra Salus (attributed, possibly incorrectly)
    • Christ Jesus, Our Redeemer Born
    • Christ Who Freed Our Souls from Danger
    • Jesus Christ, Our Blessed Savior
    • Jesus Christ, Our Saviour
    • Jesus Christ, Our True Sal­va­tion
    • Jesus Christ—The Lamb of God
    • Jesus Christus unser Heiland
    • Lord Jesus Christ, to Thee We Pray
    • Our Savior Christ, King of Grace
    • Our Savior Christ, by His Own Death
    • To Avert from Men God’s Wrath
  1. Iosco