Ju­ly 10, 1830, Basingstoke, Hampshire, Eng­land.

Au­gust 19, 1888, Scarborough, Yorkshire, England, of peritonitis.

Possibly in Scarborough, where his funeral was held.


William was the son of Rev­er­end Will­iam Ap­ple­by Hurn­dall and Mar­tha Mur­phy, and husband of Em­i­ly At­kin­son (married 1858, Hud­ders­field).

He attended Bonn Un­i­ver­si­ty; Fried­rich Wil­helms Un­i­ver­si­ty (now Hum­boldt Un­i­ver­si­ty), Ber­lin; Glas­gow Un­i­ver­si­ty; and the Un­i­ver­si­ty of Hei­del­berg. He held both MA and DD degrees. He won a scholarship in classics to Un­i­ver­si­ty College in 1850, and won a gold medal there in 1855.

He served as pastor at Angel Street in Wor­ces­ter (1857–60); headmaster at Mill Hill School, Hen­don (1860–63); headmaster and chaplain at Mill Hill (1861); pastor at Cedars Con­gre­ga­tion­al Chapel and principal at Ce­dars Con­gre­ga­tion­al College, a private school at Mill End, Rick­mans­worth, Hert­ford­shire (1863–83); schoolmaster in Rick­mans­worth, (1875); and minister at Lit­tle­hamp­ton, Sus­sex (1884–88).

Hurndall retired at Scar­bo­rough only a few days before his death. His works in­clude:

  1. Resignation
  2. Rickmansworth
  3. Springhill
  4. Woodoaks

Hurndall’s burial place