Countess of Huntingdon

Au­gust 24, 1707, Ast­well House, Not­ting­ham­shire, Eng­land.

June 17, 1791, Lon­don, Eng­land.

St. Hel­en’s Church, Ash­by-de-la-Zouch, Lei­ces­ter, Eng­land.


The Count­ess’ title came from her 1728 mar­riage to The­oph­il­us Hast­ings, Ninth Earl of Hunt­ing­don.

At an ear­ly age, she re­ceived ser­ious re­li­gious im­pres­sions, which stayed with her all her life. She was a mem­ber of the first Me­tho­dist So­ci­e­ty, in Fet­ter Lane, Lon­don, and the first Me­tho­dist Con­fer­ence was held at her house in 1744. Her sym­pa­thies, how­ev­er, were with the Cal­vin­ism of George White­field, and when a breach arose be­tween White­field and the Wes­leys, she chose White­field.

She spent her mon­ey free­ly build­ing, cha­pels, found­ing Tre­vec­ca Col­lege, South Wales (now Ches­hunt), and sup­port­ing her preach­ers. For use in her cha­pels, she com­piled A Select Col­lec­tion of Hymns. There are al­so a few hymns at­trib­ut­ed to her own hand.

  1. Fading, Still Fac­ing
  2. When Thou, My Right­eous Judge Shall Come